Any younger TRT guys here like me?

Curious if there’s any other younger TRT fellas here? I’m about to be 32 this June and have been on TRT since about 27-28, at which time I found out I had a total T of 150.

Otherwise how about any guys who started TRT young and are still on it 10+ years later?

Personally I’ll never try a restart because my low T is due to a testicular injury, hence TRT at a young age.

Just curious to hear from you younger guys or guys who’ve started young, mainly how did it change your life and do you plan to continue TRT, etc?

I’ve personally tried doses from 100mg a week to 200mg a week for TRT, once I cross say 250mg a week that’s more of a cycle for me. 100mg/wk gets me around 700 total T, where as 200mg/wk being a me to about 1,000 and I feel awesome there. Haven’t had any issues controlling hematocrit and hemoglobin at that dose, and e2 stays fine with .25mg of arimidex twice a week.


I actually do what everyone would call blast and cruise but I just started staying on year round about 4yrs now I believe possibly less.
I take breaks after my blast or cycle and let my levels drop without injecting. Then once my levels drop back down I start to use 200mg/ml of testosterone cypionate. When im just taking testosterone I like cypionate over enanthate. I do use enanthate for my blast or cycle. I know that it seems silly but I really believe that enanthate is a better ester for a cycle and cypionate is a better ester for cruise or trt.
I also use proviron 50mg split ed and this gives me my base levels that are still on the higher end but in range.
The proviron I believe that everyone on trt or even running a cycle without any other strong dht compound should use.
I actually don’t use an AI when running this amount. I believe that the proviron helps with this by making less testosterone aromatase.
I will say that anyone who doesn’t have to stay on year round should do a pct and come off.
The reason I say this is that having to inject on a cycle is great because you know that you are going to see the gains but just having to inject so that you have testosterone levels in range sucks because its just a pain sometimes.
I have always hated going through pct because of the side effects of it but if I could and still have high test levels I still would.

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36 here, been on TRT for the last 3 years… 200mg puts me at 1000-1010 T-levels for the last two years…
I don’t do any AI, but I do have a script to clomid. I only take half a pill each week, not that my e2 levels are to high, but I feel it helps with acne.



I have to agree man, if I could PCT I would for sure. My low T is due to non-function of the testicles, I had a hell of a time even having my kids but luckily I was still fertile prior to TRT. I didn’t mind pinning when I first started TRT or cycles because like you said you have the gain train to look forward too, but it certainly becomes a drag.

To help make the pinning process less of a pain I back load insulin syringes and pin them shallow on my quads for my TRT shots. I just pull the plunger out and fill it with the draw syringe, but this is it’s own pain in the ass because you have to make sure you don’t let anything get touched, so trying to keep it sterile is a pain but it makes pinning so often easier.

I also have to agree with the proviron, I personally take some breaks from it but I’m usually on it 75% of the year.

Technically what I do is blast and cruise as well, since I dumped my doctor awhile back and have been doing it myself since.

Thanks for sharing bro!

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Has it improved your quality of life?

Absolutely! One of the best decisions I have made in terms of lifestyle.

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@n3rd I have to agree man, one of my best decisions too.

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I started trt 3 years ago at 28. 120 a week puts me in the 7-800 range without the need for any AI. My wife and I were having trouble conceiving which led me to a urologist that had me tested. My testosterone level was in the low 200s. He put me on clomid for 6 months that led to a pregnancy and then switched me to trt after that. I’d say all in all I’m much better these days, More normal and I have been doing 2 blasts a year. I recently ran proviron with hcg to try and get my wife pregnant again without any luck so far. See my doc again next month to make sure everything is good. There are plenty of us younger trt guys that medically need it so you’re not alone here!

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Yes, I started at 26. I’m 27 now. I like it. I cruise and blast mostly.

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Wow so there is more then I expected, I’m glad you hear TRT is going well for you guys. Also congrats on the pregnancy @Gingerlifter. My guess is you’re going to need to come off and run the clomid in order to have another, that’s what I ended up having to do for my third.

@Andrew0409 what were your T levels like when you began?

Curious as to everyone’s levels that led them to trt Don’t mean to hijack the thread. Got tested recently. I’m 29 T levels were at 474 with Free T at like 8? Doctor started recommending TRT but I told him I needed to do some more research.

I was at or around the 315 to 330 range if I remember correctly. Free T was under 20.

If you feel ok and don’t plan on using trt to blast and cruise I would wait as long as you can instead of injecting every week over and over.
If you’re going to run trt to get in the gym or you might already be. Then you can just jump on now or just wait it out.
If you plan on running a cycle I would do that, then after the cycle goto the trt clinic and then have them start treating you with a pct plan and if you don’t get your levels back you are already in with a doctor to write a script for testosterone.

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How old were you when you had those levels. Judt trying to weight the options. Im extremely tempted on getting on TRT. Would be my first time on exogenous hormones.

I was 33 when I first started TRT

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Hell yea. Thank you for the info sir…