Anyone looking at doing a PSMF?

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Thinking of running one from Dec 1 to Chirstmas

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Do you have a specific reason for going with the PSMF versus intermittent fasting? I ask because PSMF diets are usually associated with those who are obese and part of a long term weight loss regimen. At your present fitness level and physique I wonder if a PSMF diet would be the right choice. Looking forward to reading your thought process.

Actually yes. I have used both in the past and following Lyle McDonalds program it doesnt take long to drop any excess weight needed. IF didnt do much for me when I used it previously. Im basically coming off ā€œrehabā€ with some medical issues I have and looking to drop the excess Ive gained during the time I was sick and go into my normal diet and training in January.

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I think this diet would be perfect for Tren run, Iā€™m considering it only cause my wife is bugging me to get my abs back hah

The strict calorie deficit can be unhealthy but I donā€™t see that coming in to play short term.

Are you considering adding any metabolism boosting supps (T3/4, clean, etc.) combined with the diet? Even in the short term you may see a slowdown in your metobolism and risk some weight gain post diet. At the least you might consider adding iodine when you reach the end of the diet to reboot your metabolism.

Wishing you a FULL recovery! :wink:


me! i am starting today now! ā€¦kinda doing it on flying by the seat if my pants cus i didnt find the example cycle plan so i will be just going off the list presented and keep it at 1,200 a day since i am active

wish you full recovery and awesome timely success in getting yourself backā€‹:smiley::smiley:

Taking T3/T4 as I need to anyway. I really hate taking it cause I get sides from it. ECA stack is only other thing.

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Use the login to the website on the First single page download. That gives you the url and login and password.


i did. i logged in and it gave me the calc and i used it and it gave me a read out and a listā€¦well the link asked if it was phone or desk topā€¦i chose desk top and it said the site had moved and redirected meā€¦ the original url there everytime i typed it on i woukd get tbe page no longer exists. so i got that info by just clicking the link on my phone

i guess i was looking for time frames like early morning when u first awakeā€¦multi vitamin and spring waterā€¦ break fastā€¦ thisā€¦lunch thatā€¦snack between luch and supperā€¦4 ounces of carrot peelsā€¦supperā€¦so many ounces of this so manh ounces of thatā€¦snackā€¦dinner (not past 7 or 8) eat thisā€¦but i can use the list and figure it out abd get what i dont have based on the listā€‹:smiley::smiley:

Thanks for sharing. ECA is a great choice for many. I wish I could take it but I am hypersensitive to stims.

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to be honest though i did do this diet in 2008-9ā€¦i didnt know what is was called it was just an idea i decided to do based on cumulative info and such and thought to do. I did that along with my work out schedule which was heavy and i lost alot of weight it worked well. but not in the time frame as PSMF. So prerry much it propper lean calories deficit and another thing i did was the earning programā€¦to remain in calorie deficit if i ate 3000 that day i had to burn 6000 in gym time. so calories in versus calories out ratio. needless to say i made sure i didnt screw up and have to earn that much lol! but i did have to earnā€¦i ate a piece of birthday cake. this PSMF pinpoints it perfect! i had many holes when i did the like.thank you again for steering me in the right direction for my needsšŸ˜ƒ @TrenGod

Make sure to keep the calorie deficit low and dont break it. In a few days itll feel better. Never estimate your gym calories in. Iā€™ve found people over estimate that all the time. When you figure in the calculator keep it at average to normal activity.

The login works on the forwarded link page. I used it a couple days back. Try using a desktop for it.

For breakfast use egg whites as its filling. Will keep you going for the day. Make sure you use a scale for the food also and dont eyeball it.

Biggest problem I see with people dieting is they think they burn more calories daily then they actually do and underestimate the calories in food they consume.

If you follow this the way I tell you bro, you will drop alot of weight to get you closer to your goals.

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Im exact opposite lol. I used to get good results from clen but at some point my tolerance kicked in and now only eca really helps me at high doses.

yes i plan on following exactly as u suggestsšŸ˜ƒ

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