Anyone prescribed deca with their protocol

Anyone prescribed deca with their protocol

What’s up. I’m on 200mg a week plus HCG. I was also given deca at 100mg’s 50gm x twice a week)
Just wondering if anyone has done that and how did you feel? 100mg too low for joint help?
Just curious thanks!

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It is something that is available at my HRT clinic, but you must have a pre-diagnosis relating to joint issues, etc. I think it’s BS… probably just another way to make money, I believe the clinic charges $350 per vial dosed at 200.

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That’s fucking ridiculous, I was just talking to someone else about that, I had no clue it was that expensive.

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HRT clinics are a scam. They overprice everything knowing they need it. I knew of a doctor buying shit from UGLs to take off the label and “prescribe” to his clients. Was saying each vial was worth around $400 to him.


Fucking ridiculous

The deca was $70 for a 10 week supply.
Yea it’s a money maker for the docs but when your test is shit and you feel like your whole body is on 12 bars of Valium you’ll give up your left nut to feel better.

I plan on blasting with some test c in a bit. I am just trying to learn more as I go. I’m in no rush.

@John it’s not that bad but It can be spendy if you let it.

The only problem is they won’t supply you with just any amount of gear.
I figure for the price let me pin to the moon and back.

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Ha ha how is that not that bad when I can pay 40.

My dad has pellets injected in his butt cheeks every few months for trt, I am out of curiosity gonna ask what his costs are.

Is that what you all are calling it these days?


Im curious what the cost of the pellets are?

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Both of my parents are using the pellets. My mom has 4 or 5 pellets and my dad has 12 I think. Along with things like finasteride, arimadex and cialis their combined bill monthly is like $900. When they have labs done it’s an additional $450 for them both. Then they offer other peptides and GH secretogues which is like 5x the amount from research sites. It’s a racket


Holy shit that’s alot of money lol it is a racket

Holy shit.
They’re getting hosed. No disrespect bro.

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Should look at GoodRX for prescriptions through Walgreens.
My test script is $40 for a 10ml @ 200mg

Yes, cause my dads not gay, only me.

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What the fuck, stupid fucking Pharma

Well it’s definitely less then @Berserkers parents are payin

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Yep I agree bro.

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