Anyone think they might have had COVID-19?

Anyone think they might have had COVID-19?

Late January/ early Feb this year I was sick for close to 2 full weeks- it was like the worst cold I have ever had. I kept asking myself “Who the fuck gets a cold for 2 weeks?” The whole Family got it- one kiddo had pneumonia by the end of it.

More and more I tell people that and I am hearing the same from them- “Yup, in Feb I was sick as a dog for 2 weeks…”

I think the COVID-19 shit has been around longer than we are being told and that a ton of people have already had this. All the symptoms line up just not the advertised timeline. Did you ever get tested for it @Bigmurph after your illness?

Who believes China was forthcoming about this from the get go? No one…If China was trying to cover this up and it finally got out in Dec/Jan I believe they have been dealing with this for many many months before acknowledging it. COVID19 started spreading in the US in Dec I bet and if we dug up a couple thousand bodies and tested them we would be able to confirm than.


I agree!
I had the “flu” with pneumonia in the middle of March. Was down for 5 straight days, I’ve never been that sick and I have 2 kids, plus the gf’s 2 kids… kids are always bringing home shit. Lol.
A lot of friends have been just as sick starting from about December…

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I never did get tested but I do believe that there is a very good chance that what had me extremely sick for basically a month maybe a little longer was covid it was early on and they said it was the flu and Im starting not to believe that especially after the numbers are coming out talking about how many people have antibodies and didn’t know that they went through covid because it didn’t hit them as hard as others.

I also believe 100% that this was either released by China or was accidentally escaped a lab but either way I believe that it was definitely a weapon because it didn’t have a negative effect on young children. Just fighting age men and women I actually made a post about this awhile back.


Right- we had our kids tested for Flu and it was negative. Both were sick as can be though. Just food for thought.

I didn’t see that post but I agree that a load of us have already had this and no one will be able to admit it now that we have decimated our economy and asked people to hide in their homes for months.

“Opps- sorry folks, we overreacted and lied. here’s $1200.”


Covid19 actually stands for coronavirus 2019 so it was definitely floating around in China at the end of November because a doctor put out a group chat saying that there was s coronavirus outbreak in China he was told by his government the Chinese to stop and he died a week later of the virus. So first confirmed death was definitely that doctor but I believe definitely that there were more before that check out the Netflix show it really explained it very well and I learned so much from that show.

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I don’t have Netflix currently but I’m hearing about a handful of shows I should see so perhaps its time to renew.

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This is were I was at in March

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Well said, good points @SpencerCortez

There’s the other one from 15 days ago

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I believe it was here before they say myself .

What’s really troubling is that everyone that’s dies now it was because of the virus. I just don’t believe that at all . I don’t trust any government I think there all lying .


I agree, this shit has been around for awhile, and I think China and a lot of other governments are lying about it, amongst other things.
I’m a firm believer that the government doesn’t have our best interest in mind, money rules all, 1% own more than 98% of the world population. That’s not right by any standards, I’m all for working hard and getting rewarded, but if your paying a non-living wage and shit benefits to your employees, while your buying 20 million dollar mansions left and right, it doesn’t sit right with me.
There is more to this virus and our reaction to it. Something is happening behind the scenes.


I know I had it late January/early February. I’ve never been sick like that. Literal non stop cough, fever, absolutely wiped out/bed ridden for two weeks. Could barely breath due to coughing and fluid in lungs. Couldn’t eat. I don’t ever go to doctors. I felt I might die but was cool dying in my bed. The cough lasted around 6 weeks.


I would say that you most likely had it

Im glad you are still with us brother


Thank you!
I think the actual death rate is no worse than the flu. A lot more people had it than they know. It was nasty though. I don’t think a person with health issues could survive it.

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The week before my surgery (surgery was Jan 6), my wife was sick. Cold and flu like symptoms, very sore throat, so raw it looked like hamburger. She went to the doctor the day after my hip replacement and they couldn’t tell her what was wrong with her. She was sick like that for about 3 more weeks, Sore, fatigued, chills, sweats, even went back to the doctor two more times insisting something was wrong with her. I’m not sure how I never got sick, or our youngest daughter or grandson for that matter. Not sure what she had, or whether it was the COVID, but kinda odd how she got mysteriously sick when a lot of other people were getting mysteriously ill

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Its the truth I couldn’t agree more

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I’m just getting over pneumonia right now. I’ve had serious breathing issues but not enough to where I was hospitalized nor tested!
Needless to say I think this shit is out there.

I actually had to call my doctor and said I’m still not doing well and he said it takes time to recover OR it was covid!
I don’t know man. I was trying to get back into the weights and now this.

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I read somewhere that the first case of Covid was reported back in October or November in China, so it’s been around for quit some time now brotha


It was originally reported by a Chinese doctor through a group chat and he died a week later its definitely out there

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