Arimidex dosing where to start and when to add more

Arimidex dosing where to start and when to add more

I have used gear before but this is my first time using an Arimidex. I’m cycling GH, tren-Ace, And Tes-C. Help me out guys where should I start and should my dosing gradually change??? HELP!!! I have been on for a week 50mg every other day teen ace. 250mg tes c wk. 4iu GH daily

What’s your estrogen levels? Did you just start the cycle or are you already going?
We need to know how your running the cycle what are your dosages of each compound?


What’s tren e ace?

The answer to your question will be found by lab work. I use adex, in TRT (200mg test c) I need .5mg twice weekly.

At 600mg test c I need 1mg twice weekly. But I found that out by doing labs

Hey there, lets start with a few screening questions. As we need the best information to guide you in best fashion.

1.) What is your overall goal with this cycle and what doses have you planned to run and for how long?

2.) What is your prior cycle history along with your height, weight and rough body fat composition?

3.) What are your labs on cycle and off cycle?

This will give a look under the car hood so we can all get a better understanding of you.


Let’s start here since everyone always wants to be technical lol
First why are you cycling TrenE and trenA? No sense in using both and what’s your testC mg per week?

Honestly I wouldn’t even use arimadex for this cycle it’s too strong. Start with nolvadex at 10mg a day

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