Arimidex or Aromasin

Which do you prefer for E-Control? Arimidex or Aromasin and why?

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I prefer arimidex because if I crash my estro it will take less time to recover compared to aromasin that can take a couple of weeks to fully recover.

Either way they both will get the job done but they each have their own risks and side effects that you should consider before running.


They’re very similar. Whatever you use, just follow the dosage guidelines and you should be golden. Both drugs have similar methods of action, so should be fairly comparable in most cycles.

Not at all 2 very different compounds.

@Heman713 search with the magnifying glass up top and you will find alot of great reading.
On both arimidex and aromasin or exemestane.

It depends upon what you are running and how would determine your aromatase inhibitor.


Exemastane is a suicidal inhibitor, which means it will go in and basically kill estrogen. Anastrazole is a non steroidal inhibitor and latch on the the etrogen receptors and slow down or in some cases completely stop estrogen production. That’s why if you tank your estro on anastrazole it will take much longer for estrogen production to occur again.

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