Arms or legs? To improve first

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You as fitness people you should do first when it comes to training?

Ooo… hmm I think it’s more important to hit a larger muscle group such as the quads and hammy’s.
Maybe someone else could chime in and tell us what they think.

Personally, I’d prioritize legs over arms.

You’re right, it would be much better to start with legs.

I agree that it’s foolish to ignore legs for someone new to lifting since your goal at that point will be to build a strong base. But dudes like mark rippletoe piss me off because the emphasis is way too much on squats especially once the trainee is no longer a newbie. Let’s be honest, why’d you start lifting - to get massive legs?

The whole you need to have big legs to have big arms argument is invalid, especially for naturals who don’t have Supra physiological levels of androgens in them, how many guys have you seen at the gym with thin legs but beefy arms?

Finally the whole thing about dudes lookin. Weird with thin legs and big arms is also a myth! That is the preferred look in Hollywood. Dudes who lift will be unimpressed with chicken legs but most women couldn’t care less if you have a nice set of guns.

Have you ever come across an attractive “normal” heterosexual woman who says stuff like “omg that guys mammoth legs are so hot”?

IMO the reason most men (excluding serious lifters, soccer players etc.) bring up the big legs are better than big arms argument is bc they are a bunch of jealous whiny bitches who haven’t yet been able to develop impressive arms. Most men, if they can put on weight, are able to develop big legs.

Yeah I know this is blasphemy so flame me

I agree with you. Some people emphasize the whole huge leg phenomena a bit too much. (Seems like the past couple months, social media has been blowing up the whole #teamnocalves thing)

Just try and find a balance OP. Just remember that working out your legs are just as essential as working out your upper body!

Follow a good program and eat well

Once I discovered the sexual benefits of doing squats versus bench, my routine not-so-surprisingly Incorporated more leg days per week than any other muscle group.

Haha definitely brotha
I find myself hitting legs 2-3 times a week
I, personally, dont look forward to hitting legs
But once the workout is finished…theres something pleasureable about having trouble walking down stairs…:heart_eyes:

Its a love hate relationship

I’ll take the muscle strain from leg weights exercises any day versus the long lasting burn in my legs from sprints/ long distance running.

Is it necessary to take the tension out of the muscles? @escapewithniko

The American Council of Exercise describes three types of moments when muscle tightness occurs. Just so I do not steal their work: ACE Fit article. Not only is it necessary, understanding when the muscle tension occurs is super informative alluding to whether your workout caused it or if you need to eat more potassium (for example).

Please allow me throw another question on this post since I find it interesting. :slight_smile:
I regularly run, like 5km, 4 times a week.

Do I still need to spot develop certain muscles in my lower part if I’m already running regularly?

Depends on your goals, i suppose.

I would recommend that you should still workout your legs (squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc) regardless of running 5km x 4/week (help strength, muscle development, joints, etc.)

Another question about that, if instead of running as it does @Makimaki02 , I do the exercise by bicycle? I would provide more function in the legs, or not?

i dont run for cardio. I use the bicycle as well
Yes you will develop muscles and it definitely does activate (provide function) the legs (depending on the gear you put the bike in as well)
But that’s not to say that it should replace good ol’ heavy lifting, NEVER!! But it certainly helps bring those thighs and hams in. Calves too.

I utilized running to help me lose weight. Then, once I no longer wanted to shed fat, I attempted to bulk up my legs by using weights and squatting (which I did not do while I was doing cardio). Is there anything to prevent my knees from feeling noticeably sore from the impact of running? I tried to squat and run during the same week, but I felt so much slower, my knees ached, had difficulties accelerating, plus I lacked endurance.

Yes, utilizing cardio to get yourself into a caloric deficit is a great way to lose weight!

You mean to say that you have “runners knee”?
I’m assuming you don’t because running 5km x 4/week shouldn’t warrant a “runners knee” but everyone’s a bit different :relieved:

Regardless, runners should incorporate strength training to prevent any injuries from running…
(think hip mobility, ankle mobility, core muscles (important for runners))

Try to use different squat variations (different feet placements) to possibly help. (Watch some youtube videos and learn the proper way to squat to prevent any injuries)
You can try lunges, leg presses, leg extensions.
Remember to stretch too

If you aren’t a “runner”, you can incorporate LISS cardio.

Running 5km/ 3 mi as a long distance runner wouldn’t give me runner’s knee. My father is the long distance marathon runner, so running for more than 10 minutes is too long for me. I’m an impatient runner. I would always sprint a mile during my cardio days. My runner’s knee would only occur when I would sprint my miles (finishing under 7 minutes) while incorporating heavy lifts [squats]. Once I felt that my squatting was being negatively affected, I gave up on my sprinting as a form of cardio. I was thinking of adding cardio back with a heavy influence on my lower half: stairs and/or elliptical. Regarding the knee issue, I presume that elliptical is the safer route.

Yeah, if running is affecting your lifts i would avoid putting that kind of pressure on your knees.

Just do what works for you! I prefer the bicycle but elliptical is just as good imo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am just biased regarding the elliptical because I get to focus on my glutes. If not for that, then I would enjoy bicycling because of that ever changing sweet scenery.

To each their own! Best of luck to you and your goals

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