Arnold Questions the current state of Bodybuilding

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So Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking for opinions and a few remarks about things.

Heres what he said.

Hi everybody!

I know that our bodybuilding community is having a difficult moment with the tension between the IFBB International and the IFBB Pro, and I wanted to come here to hear from all of you what your concerns and thoughts are about the current situation with our sport.

I used to give State of the State speeches every year, but for the state of bodybuilding, I’d like to just listen to you.

I know very well that bodybuilding doesn’t belong to any one federation or person. It belongs to the fans and the athletes because without the champions on the stage and the people in the audience, we have absolutely nothing.

As the promoter of Arnold Classics all over the world, I keep getting asked how I feel about this IFBB split.

The truth is, I just want our sport to succeed. I think infighting does nothing to help with that goal. We are best when we are moving forward together, no matter what federation we all come from - I myself competed in NABBA, AAU, and IFBB. I’d like nothing more than to unify the sport and end these turf wars.

You know my concerns. At the professional level, some bodybuilders look like they’re starring in Junior 2, it seems the focus is on only size and not aesthetics, the art of posing is getting lost and not being judged outside the Arnold Classics, and an overdosage of drugs, and as a result, we have tremendous difficulty getting TV coverage and expanding our fan base. At the amateur level, I’ve heard from many athletes about restrictions on where and when they can compete and other bureaucratic red tape and a hardcore top-down approach.

So I want to hear your thoughts, concerns, and challenges. And I know many of you are athletes, so I’d like you to be as specific as possible.

Even though we are told we have to choose one federation or another, I prefer to keep the sport unified, and I certainly don’t let anyone rush me into any decisions, especially with something this close to my heart.

I want to hear your take and I’m counting on your candid thoughts.

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I think that he just wants to see the Arnold rule the sport so he can keep getting paid.
You notice he brought up advertising and television before the actual problem at hand who really is the top of the totum pole when it comes to bodybuilding

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