Arrhythmia causes from steroids?

Hopefully I put this in the right place, @Bigmurph
Anyway I’ve developed an arrhythmia, nothing crazy just a skipped beat sporadically. I don’t know that I want to be on meds, for it, but I quit smoking cause that made it worse. I also noticed npp tpp mast blend made it worse , I’m certain because it elevated my blood pressure. I’m still on my trt therapy. Anyone else ever experience anything like this… If so what resolved it. It don’t effect anything else , like shortness of breath, nothing like that. But it gives me an adrenaline like rush feeling. Just wanted to see if any of you experienced this and what you did. Thank you


Just bc it elevated blood pressure doesn’t mean it made an arrhythmia worse. Arrhythmia’s will lower blood pressure because those beats of the heart don’t actually pump blood like a regular heart beat. That feeling you’re getting is your heart racing, and possibly lack of oxygen.

How did you determine you were skipping beats? New onset cardiac changes are not to be taken lightly. The electrical system of your heat is malfunctioning. To put it more clearly- the reason your heart beats and gives oxygen to your body effectively is not working properly.

Go to a cardiologist. Wear a recording device. Figure out what is actually happening with your heart. New onset arrhythmia is that first weird noise your engine makes… if you ignore it… the engine will blow.


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I wore a recording device… They said it’s not consistent, it’s here and there. But want to talk treatment. I don’t want to fuck with beta blockers. It’s been an off and on thing for the last 10+ years . It’s just become more consistent in a 24 hour period. …

You wore a recording device In the last 24 hours? So you are confirming that over the last 10 years it’s been a problem… now it’s worse in the last 24 hours? That’s a significant change.

No i wore it 3 weeks ago. I guess I’ll just see what the Dr says. So are we saying steroids won’t effect it one way or another?

I definitely am listening. Thank you all.

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I also had a murmur as a baby that went away. Since I quit smoking it happens less. But thank you again. I do want to know if aas use will negatively effect it.

Okay. That’s the information I wanted. I would encourage you to tell your doctor it’s been worse in the last 24 hours. I’m still working on learning the all medical effects of AAS so I don’t know for certain. I’ll tag in @Optumpharma once he wakes up.

If you feel like it’s making It worse. Than go back to trt dose.

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