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I’m thinking that I will start a thread that contains articles about diet. There is many facets to consider when either gaining mass or dieting down. As it turns out, its not quite as simple as cutting calories, or reducing carbohydrates. Metabolism is more than just ones ability to burn fat, or stay lean (think of this: Over weight dude sees his super lean dude friend pounding a beer and eating a tub of ice cream, and says “Dude, you are lucky that you have a fast metabolism! If I ate like that I’d blow up like a puffer fish!”). There is much more to it than that, and I am by know means qualified to explain it all, nor do I have the understanding required to do so. Therefore, I’ll post articles, some will be in depth, while others may be snap shots. Either way, having an understanding of what lies beneath the surface will likely help you make the best choices with respect to achieving your fitness goals. Here is the link to the first article:

Outstanding. Diet is the hardest part…for me. Very timely! Thanks, Blast!

You bet m’Lady :blush:

thankyou blast for the time and effort its deeply appreciated. sig.

A discussion with Lyle MacDonald on fat loss and the hormones involved such as leptin, ghrelin, cotisol and others. This is a podcast.

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