UGMuscle Double Promo 20-30 September Double Promo 20-30 September

Double Promo on 20-30 September

  1. We have added 3 new Brands: Ice Pharmaceuticals, Zerox and Rise Pharmaceuticals and we want to offer you the chance to try them first and that’s why we offer you 50% discount on every product from these 3 manufacturers.
  2. You now have Free Shipping for Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Labs, BodyPharm and Stealth Juice no matter how big or small your order is.

Hurry up, you simply can’t miss this offer!
Check out our products right now on .

Warmest regards, Team
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50% off free shipping can’t go wrong here

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Im actually interested in these new labs that you are carrying. Is there any bloodwork or testing that I can look into? Are they brand new labs?

We asked the responsible persons for lab tests and they told us that soon will provide them to us, so we’ll post them once we have them.

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We all look forward especially on newer products its great to see the testing on Anaboliclab or just the actual company testing posted here.

Its also difficult because Balkan is an amazing lab so it would be hard for me to use other labs but the good promo discount is definitely the time to give them a try. I already know that if you carry it then it should be top notch.

Thanks for trusting us. We will post the test labs as soon as we get them.

You have been in good standing in the community for along time now here and other forums. You have definitely earned the trust.

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We will soon post and Zerox lab tests

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Looks really good not way overdosed like other labs its right were it should be so that you can control your dosing properly.
This also tells me that the quality control and the knowledge to make pharma grade UGL products is there with this lab Ice pharmaceutical.

Thanks for posting

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