Asking for instant BTC lowest rates - commissions

Hi everyone so I thought i would comein here and ask if there is anyone here who has experience with instant coin exchanges. So let’s me start by saying yes I’ve bought plenty of coins before I know how it’s done. So I’ll start by saying as well of my experiences buying coin

  1. Coinbase pro
    So I normally purchase from this playeform not reg coinbase it’s in a way the same as blockchain so when I deposit funds from a bank debit card to coinbase pro it takes literally 12-14 days for funds to deposit When after the funds have been taken out of bank after a 24hr period but so far buying the coin say placing order @$200 I’m literally spending $1.89 something like that then I can send to my electrum wallet but if I make a deposit with a prepaid PayPal master card it only takes 7days at max

  2. Cex “dot” io
    This is one of the coin exchanges I use cause it’s so far been the cheapest I’ve seen as far as rates an commissions I will say that when I spend @$200 of coin They are takeing allmost $50bucks includes how much there coins are vs how much BTC is at the for the $amount

So I’m here to ask is there a place that you can buy instant bitcoin at that same rates as to what coinbase pro would be useing a bank debit card to useing a prepaid PayPal master card I’m on the lookout for something better today that gives you the most bang for buck for buying instant coins without paying a arm an a leg

I’ve had success with cash app with very minimal fees. This was also suggested by other users on the forum. I’ve used it and can attest that it’s pretty easy and straight forward and cheaper than my other wallets to send funds. You to have to get verified in order to use your CC’S just like coinbase.


I prefer Mycelium wallet myself. Simple and quick. Rates aren’t too bad either.

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Mycelium wallet here and LibertyX ATM. Charged me like 30$ for 525$ of bitcoin just last week and It was there in minutes no fuss no muss no names no blames


Mine is always quick buying with a card. Goes in my wallet in a few minutes.

So is mycelium just a wallet like electrum or can you buy coin with it? Or are you saying that you bought $525 from each platform and they only took $30 bucks from $525 I’m only wondering cause say if I grabbed coin from cex “dot” io say I have $200 on my debit card they would take money in this format

-$30 less then the real value of the coin of what it would for $200 on coinbase pro
Commission -2.99% something like that not sure on exact %
Then a charge to the actual debit card let’s say that when buying all that $200 of coin I would end up with $150 maybe that would reach my electrum wallet plus a charge on card

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I went to liberty X app I have and purchased 525$ to
Go in mycelium wallet. They charge a percentage of what I want the percentages are based on how fast you want the money it’s more for instant than say 4-24 hrs I have done both just depends on how fast I want it then I think there is like a 2-3 dollar charge for doing the transfer then mycelium charged a couple of bucks ended up like 25-30$ for whole process I just don’t want my bank acct. attached to it
I don’t mind a credit card but buying bitcoin that way seems to be just as much so I will keep doing this the cool thing is I always leave some money in my mycelium and it usually. Accrues enough to pay for the fees without me coming out of pocket

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