At it again! Second go around with genuine raws!

Time to brew again! Planning test cyp at 250/ml and bold cyp at 200/ml. I will use 10 bb and 1 ba on each with gso or mct oil. I will filter with a ptfe .22um and then bake gear at 250f for 30 min as a extra sterilization step. What do you think? Will update soon.


Im curious ive never brewed anything but it interests me alot

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It’s very interesting at a good cost per vial

I edited this after thinking alot about it because we don’t allow any pricing on the site. Im sure that you can understand.

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is there a way to use an oven as an autoclave. i was told they sterilize with steam at high temp

I hope that not actually you in your image… if so, I’d suggest editing out your face.

That is what the process and materials cost per bottle?

I stick em in the oven and stick a needle to vent with the luer lock cut off

Powder plus consumables

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Not to bad

Keep us posted man! I’ll definitely be following. I’m gonna be starting to brew in a few weeks once all my supplies arrive. I see it as if your on TRT for life and blast and cruise it would only make sense, end up saving thousands of dollars a year. The only brewing I ever done was Tren pellets and that ended up being one of the best trens I ever used. Also thank you @Ohioaas for helping a brother out.

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