Australian Steroids and Bodybuilding

Australian Steroids and Bodybuilding

Australia is one of those countries thats hard to ship to. They have a very high seizure rate and only a few sources service that market. One of our banned old sponsors Crazy Steroids offers domestic shipping within Australia. They have been around awhile and never an issue, until they got banned.

The bodybuilding scene in Australia is growing with a much larger market looking for steroids. I almost moved to Australia at one point but decided against it due to its strict drug laws. Its good to have the option of domestic delivery for those there.


I would like to say welcome to any or all of our Aussie members.

It’s great to see focusing on verifying sponsors that can serve those who want to be part of the game but because of their region have more difficulty due to special conditions.

It just proves that is truly a diverse community that anyone can benefit from.

I actually have a buddy who is a member here but usually is on a different forum but he is from Italy but trains in Australia he says he loves the Australian girls lol.
He has a hard time though getting what he needs to train but he says that its possible just alot more than other places in cost.
He must really love those Australian girls to pay extra for all his gear to train there.

I tried to tag him but can’t find his name I will have to look

@Bigmurph tag him up!!

Let’s see who all is representing from Oz!!! Welcome guys!

I actually was looking for awhile I can’t remember his tag here and I even went to the other board to send him a pm there and he had a ban tag. Im going to keep an eye out. I know though we have a couple of members from Australia. Just look for posts that say go chew on a twig lol
That’s how you know lol

How do I make contact with crazy steroids to get me some of this sent in AUSTRALIA to melbourne

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