B12 injections and Steroids

hey guys,

I inject b12 on a regular basis, my reasons why:

b12 does wonders for your energy and your metabolism. it also helps with boosting your immune system and helps you get better sleep. it also helps stop hairloss. if you go to a natural path they charge you $100 for something you can do for yourself for $5

if you have been juicing for 10 years plus, these benefits are something we want always consider as the cycles are very taxing on our bodies. b12 is a vitamin that is the most commonly lost through intense training, and especially if you are consuming alcohol. ive injected b12 when hung over and 45mins later it made a huge difference.

now if you are juicing and considering injecting b12. NEVER NEVER mix water with oil. i made this mistake years ago and boy did it hurt. (limping around)

if you’re injecting fast acting esters its temping to put all the products in one syringe and slam it. but if you mix water with oil it is extremely painful. dont be lazy and always use 2 different syringes for water and oil based products

to save time on injections, draw out the oil with a large needle tip (18G or 19G) and switch the tip back to a 23G or 25G, and injection will be smooth and the process is much quicker.

I highly recommend regular b12 injections, this has been a game changer for me


How much are you taking per injection?

I inject 1ml subQ.

How many mcg is that 1ml?

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Looks like 1000mcg unless he is cutting it with bac water

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That’s a question you can’t ask

Roger that

i do 1ml which every sunday. if i go out for drink 1ml very next day
so 1000mcg per injection.

1000mcg per injection is all you need once a week

if you go to the pharmacy, you buy this over the counter. so dont feel nervous. its fully legal OTC product

it for 10ml, at a natural path is for 2ml.
saves you a fortune doing it yourself

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@AlphaNorthLabs in the states it’s legal?

i would imagine so yes. i mean its a vitamin. its legal in canada.
i coudlnt imagine why it wouldnt be in US

@AlphaNorthLabs, I don’t know if it is in the states. Anyone else?

No pricing on the website

In the states you need a doc to provide inj products

roger that

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You are correct you have to get it from a doc

@Cathead there you go. in that case just pop in see your doctor. im very certain they wouldnt have a problem giving you a script for it. its a natural health product.

if they say they cant just do that, then request a requisition for a blood test. and you can get the whole spectrum of vitamin deficiencies. a lot of people dont realize getting adequate vitamins and minerals is enough to make you feel fantastic.

i didnt believe in the natural path thing until i tried it. i highly encourage you to try it

Roger that.