Back day this Saturday

What’s up fam hope you all are having an awesome weekend. Man what a killer workout today. I’m on week 9 of gauntlet program from meadows and let’s just say each week gets harder. The focus has been on back and chest and hams. Now switching to back and shoulders and chest. Love meadows methods that he uses. I’ve started prep so let’s see what new muscle I added this offseason. I like to do a longer prep than most because when you start a prep diet new muscle is usually the first to go and I want to keep and mature what I’ve gained.


Looking more awesome than ever. Reckon you’ll smash this one. I don’t suck up to anyone but have to say I’m massively inspired by you brother.

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Thanks bro that means a lot. I’ve been busting my ass for sure trying to bring up my hams and back

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It’s working my man- meadows clearly works for you mate.


Outfuckingstanding buddy, your work ethic shows, and perhaps it is a bit motavating staring at your legs…

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Thanks buddy. I’ll
Post a quad pic just for your pleasure later this coming week lol

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Your a fucking G @PHD :sunglasses:

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Looking fuckinh awesome brother V taper insane w your waist and huge wings lol interested in what you look like on stage man good luck

Yeah I love meadows methods with all muscles but with the back/Lats I really love how he loads blood into the lats then finishes with an movement that puts a heavy stretch on the muscle it’s killer and I personally think it makes the pump even better when you get that stretch

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