Back is finally popping

Well it’s been 4 weeks now with meadows and I can already see a huge difference. I was so flat and my nutrition was very extreme. I knew things weren’t right. John and I fixed things but it took 4 weeks to come back to life. Now I feel better physically and mentally.

This has been one of my hardest preps especially losing Porter unexpectedly like we did. I know he’s above looking over me.

For coaching inquires feel free to hit me up here or message me. We do any type of coaching from just wanting to get in shape to competition prep male and female. Each plan is made specifically for you and your goals. Nutrition workouts and gear layout and guidance if you need.


Hell yeah bro. Even I can tell a difference. All that work is paying off.

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Thanks bro.

I know your proud of your back work. But gotdam you got cannonball shoulders. Lookin uuugggeee. Winning. :joy:

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Damn, dude!! nice!

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Hahahaha thanks bro

Thank you :muscle:t2: That profile pic scares me with the gloves lol

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lol the profile pic just felt…appropriate for this forum somehow. :laughing:


Lol I know right lol

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You’re on a whole different level man. Your shoulders are crazy.

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Looking good.

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