Base meal ideas for someone who should know better

So I’ve been trying to cut fat and I just did a 8 week Ostarine cycle. Lost a few pounds. Probably replaced it with muscle cause I definitely dropped a few sizes in the waist area but the scale itself wasn’t showing a ton of difference. Either way I know I was in a cal deficit (not sure how much), but I’m sooooo fucking tired. So is there anywhere someone me can point me for just a basic guideline of meals for a day at a website or just share a typical day in your own diet? I want to stay clean but not starve.

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If you didn’t lose weight you weren’t in deficit.

When I cut my typical day is 4 eggs 2 slices of bacon waffle light syrup and milk for breakfast. 600 calorie lunch. 8 oz chicken breast and 50 cals of veggies for dinner with two double shakes 220 cals each a day. Now I’m a bigger dude so this may be too much for you.I use nutritiontix for tracking intake. On bulk I’m I’m kind of fuck it as long as I hit protein


If you’re going to cut, I would strictly track your macros.


Start tracking, it’s really easy once you get in a routine

Breakfast: egg white omelette with turkey ham. And kodiak cakes with sugar free syrup

Lunch: 8oz cooked chicken breast, 8oz of yellow potato, veggies

Dinner: usually 8oz of whatever meat we’re having, 50-100g of carb of whatever we’re having. Dinner changes depending on what fiancé wants

Snacks: a protein shake, 100 cal smart pop, a serving of non fat Greek yogurt with some fruity pebbles on top for my late night sweet tooth

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That’s very close to what I do. I’ve been skipping the waffle and probably overeating for lunch, but otherwise almost identical to yours. I’m 225 on a light day, 230+ on a fat day. I should be about five pounds less fat!

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I’m currently at 262


Big boy!

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Getting smaller so I can bulk up to 280

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Are you drinking at least a gallon of water each day? What is an Ostauarine cycle?

Nvm. It’s a SARMs. Some side effects can include digestive issues. That would make anyone tired.

I did a cycle of Rad before and felt great. Ostarine just did me dirty

Get a tracker on your phone. Lifesum is a great tracker for weight gain/loss/cutting/bulking. It’s easy to use and helps you track everything you put in your soup cooler. :wink:

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