Basic Bulking Cycle

Being a female in this world is rather advantageous, we have the flexibility and freedom to pick and chose the compounds we run without being tied to running test.

A very powerful stack to start with is NPP/Prop. I highly suggest that if you have not run either of these compounds yet you run one at a time so that you may be familiar with the sides and which compound is responsible for it so you can adjust accordingly.

You can start with 25mg Prop and 50mg of NPP. I always like to start on the conservative side and adjust up rather than start high and have to adjust down.

I recommend you run the cycle for 10-12 weeks in order to reap the full benefits. You should notice increased strength and endurance by the end of the second week if not before. Side effects include the usual, hair growth, enlarged clitoris, raspy voice, acne, interrupted menstrual cycle, water retention. Side effects really are an individual thing and one person may expereince them all and another little to no sides.

This stack has been my favorite by far in terms of seeing really significant results in mass and strength.


Hello. Very good Post. I would like to start my wife on the cycle you posted as well as starting my own cycle. Is there an updated timeframe as to when you are starting back up?

Thank you

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Hey 69 sorry I missed this post … things have been up and running now for several weeks keep us posted on the cycles !! and don’t forget that Diet
is going to dictate a large degree of how well it goes.

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