Bayer Rimobolan

Hey folks,
just a heads up… the European market is flooded with fake bayer rimobolan.
If you buy it ask your seller to make sure that each box contians a different serial number.
Make sure it comes in the box.

There should be no repeated numbers.

here are a few of the fake numbers that are showing up.

Sources that are not bayer aware are buying these and reselling them… some may know they are fake, some dont know,





This is a great post I presently just bought 10 amps guys I have been told by the src I bought them from that they’re fake and everything is being taken care of but I still would think that what I got was real.
There almost perfect so be very careful buying rhimobolan honestly go with a trusted ugl so you can just get the 200mg/ml version. It’s less pins and works just as good.
I also wanted to say that the price doesn’t mean that its better. I’ve seen posts where people say you paid 50$ a vial and thought it was real well the brand I just used was 52 for 10 amps. I do recommend going with a top notch proven lab though.
Bayer rhimobolan is probably the most counterfeit product on the market. Unless they can be proven real it imo is better to just go with a trusted ugl that will get you real primo because real primo is an amazing compound


This is the ss# I got that looks perfect

These are the ones i got, i got them from a trusted source and even tested one with a labmax kit and passed. I couldnt help but look over all of them though when i read this just to be sure lol


I’m going to take good pics of the fake ones I have just to show how perfect they look. I Will post tonight

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Good looking out. I’ve seen pharmacy GH faked so good the only way you could tell was the color was off just a slight shade. It was crazy

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Wow, great post to help keep us noobs informed.

How many box you have ??
Do photo numbers from other box …all looks thesame?

Its very good fake!!! :(((((

Like 5 or 6 with 10 vials in each, these bayer rimobolan boxes should only have 1 per box, but im assuming to save space they took 10 1ml amps and put them into 1 box, the boxes have different serial numbers but its only 5 boxes i reveived of 50 amps total so there could be some fakes in there idk. Best thing to do is follow @Bigmurph advice and get your primo from a trusted UGL just to avoid chances of fakes from the pharma market. There are alot of fakes out there in the pharma market.

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Numbers in (21) cant looks thesame … all box 1ml have difrent number… you have box with same numbers in (21) bath is fake

@Burrr can explained better

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I think what he means that each individual box has to have a different serial number

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Ye … but only in line started with (21)


Yeah they have gotten so good and are pumping out so many rhimobolan.
Bayer needs to step up and create an actual anti-counterfeiting type of box for the rhimobolan.
I didn’t order any rhimobolan for my cycle coming up for this exact reason there probably are more fakes produced then there are actual product so the odds are stacked highly against you of getting real ones. I personally will stick with tested and proven UGL products. I would also which I have for my run purchase proven Labs making good products. I even stopped buying testoviron Depot by bear because it’s also being counterfeited at a high rate I’ve even heard from another member on another board got even the provi is being counterfeited.
So until bear steps up their anti-counterfeiting I’m going with proven and tested ugl products.

Until the src I bought my rhimobolan from told me it was fake I checked and thought it was real.
I still look at them and think it’s amazing that there fake lol.
Luckily its a solid src and of course everything has been taken care of so this is why its important to get products from verified srcs.

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Even they copy shipping box…

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It’s amazing
There just going to keep shipping them out also.
If you look at all the different pharma grade companies most have some type of anti counterfeit tech. Bayer has nothing on there products. I wish they would add a water print or something.

they have the serial number, and an APP that scans the qr code.

app not available in the USA

Yeah the little barcode square and the number system that they use is out dated I wish they had something like pcom where you have authentication codes and holos even I believe that they should have water mark printing or micro printing on the box.
I was told by Bayer when I asked them to authenticate my testoviron why they don’t have anything like this and they told me that the products are made to fit the affordable price range of the area that produces them and these types of anti counterfeiting cost to much and would raise the price to be to high for the location its produced for.
They also basically said that its not an issue they worry about because the people that are buying them locally that are the ones supposed to have them are getting the real thing. They said that there worried about the black market selling there items counterfeit just not worried about the people buying them.
I don’t see them changing them again because I think that they changed from primobolan to rhimobolan to try to stop the fakes being produced but it didn’t work very well. I believe that within 6 months they probably had near perfect fakes already floating around

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