Being honest about problems openly

I was experiencing some pip but I wouldn’t say it ws crippling lol. Im not arguing with the fact that he apparently had some real issues with his stuff but when I ordered everything in august he was still getting praise from many members and was in good standing. I know he was kicked for a reason and will not be contacting him for further products. I appreciate the concern and proceed on his product at my own risk.

Well as I checked all of IJLs pms after he lied to me I read this and “can barely walk” to alot of people is crippling. This was 2 weeks ago and your saying on here it was 5 weeks and no problems.


I read every single message of IJLs PMs and its funny how the cases in PM tend to all appear more serious then whats been stated in the public forum.

This is the problem and when everyone is messaging each other or him about the issues in PM and then stating publicly they had zero problems.


Hey man I’m not arguing with God! I did voice my concern in a private message and I did put it in my log. I haven’t had any problems aside from that pip but after researching found that Dhb in the quad is a no go. That was my stupidity. Plus my friend put 2 mls in his delt of the stuff. However since I switched to the glutes I’ve had no problems so i dont think it was the product just my pin location. I have said I dont support him and respect your decision. Please dont smite me!

I’m trying to be as open and honest with everyone here. When I made the decision it wasnt one that was made easily nor was something I wanted to do, but felt I had to do it for the safety of the members as a whole. You know as well as I do you questioned him earlier in that message about the pip being an issue and he admitted it saying it was fixed for the next batch. Then he comes back and says it was never an issue.

When I ran it, I ran a lower dosed product from a respectable lab and I pinned to my shoulders with zero issues. Some soreness after but not much and no redness or lumping. Here in PMs we have some people that said and I qoute “swells up huge and red painful as fuck” and with as little as half a cc. Then in public saying they had zero issues with it.

These arent the only issues with this product and more products were complained about. From Test E to Test C. He admitted to cooking mistakes and would fix it and of course it wasnt fixed after the next batch. He was using everyone as guinea pigs in his recipes without even testing the stuff first. So sure some people got different batches of different items but fact is his gear was garbage and there is no way to test it to see if it was safe or not. Its a crapshoot to hope you dont have any issues with it.


I completely understand. Thanks for looking out for the community. Now let’s let IJL die and get back to the important issues! (Or random internet rambling)

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