Best governor ever! check it out!

GC and Ldog officially approve of this Governor…ng/3514284001/…ng-less-covid/


She would have my vote!


My vote and my heart lol. Love that shit. She should be the VP for trump.

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Better than Kentucky the sky is falling here not lead lol

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John…no comment??

South Dakota’s governor is beautiful her travel to S Dakota commercial made me definitely want to go beautiful country and apparently gorgeous women


Money to be made in the dakotas. Maybe that should be my next stop in life hahah

Ya. Then you can figure out the good perch fishing holes and take me fishing in North Dakota. @Dirtnasty

Haha I don’t fish but I would drink beer with pole in something for a few hours with you

Shit she got my vote

Deal. You just find the good fishing spots and we will drink beer and stare down a dark hole (ice fishing) with our poles in our hands and waiting for something dumber than us to bite. Hahahaha

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That sounds like my days of going out to bars

Hahahaha. Ya but not as much beer so you have the memories.

Oh I hardly ever lost memory. My tolerance was about high as it could be in my hey day

WTF. Your tolerance to everything is not human hahahahaha.

I’ve been told this by many people

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