Better late than never

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Whats up? Anyway got an invite from @bigmurph back in '17 but to be honest I couldn’t remember the site url. Well this morning i was searching info on miglyol 840 and EO and one of the first sites was this one and while reading i noticed a few usernames and hit login and was able to log in lol so here I am! So I been around another site since '14 and beein using gear off and on for close to 10 years. Im not a newbie but far from an expert. I’m always up to learning and improvement. Glad to be here to see what its all about.


Welcome aboard brotha, if you have any questions just hit me up man✌️

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Hey what’s up brother glad to have you around welcome to ugmuscle.

Welcome- you’ll like it here

Welcome to the board.

Welcome bud

Welcome aboard!

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