Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls. What's the difference?

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Well, I could search it off the internet but I would like to know directly from you guys. What exactly is the difference and which has more gain?

mmm i find that using bicep curls works out the longer head of the bicep more.
Hammer curls works out my forearm out

i do both hammer curls and bicep curls haha

You can try both, and the one that works for you is routine.

Thanks for the tip @Kunt!

Hi @aponte11 , thanks for the tip. I just started lifting so I was just curious to know which is much efficient in terms of gains. I think I’ll take up @Kunt’s advise and try to do both.


Give it a go Maki! Look up other bicep workout variations and try them out as well.

When i workout my biceps i like to make sure i’m putting almost all my focus on the negative motion.
I try to keep my swinging to a minimum as well.


Oh well, I would very much like to enter this world of fitness, and I want to learn better from this forum.

You came to the right place. Just be secure that you are in a sanctuary of individuals who are willing to help without any judgment.

Is it bad to take some chemical juice that increases your muscles?

What do you mean by chemical juice? :hushed:

I mean supplements, it’s almost the same.

What bad for you, might be okay for me…what’s okay for you, might be bad for me…

That’s just a hard question. Many people take supplements but since they are “dietary supplements” they don’t follow FDA rules (take that however you will).
I dont know any supplements that are OTC that would even “increase muscles”

Supplements in general do help but are not your main source of gaining or losing weight, they “supplement” your diet. For beginners I would stick to the basics of whey protein and creatine; I wouldn’t buy anymore then that

Use google and find some legit reviews on supplements that you’re looking into.

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