Big 10 football, Beef Ribs and Customs Seizure letters!

Got a shitty letter today from US customs, but Iowa won, Nebraska lost and I can’t let a Saturday go to waste… so I smoked Beef Short Ribs!

Only thing I could’ve done to make it better, would’ve been to have some fried okra!


I hope I don’t get one of those. I had to start a dispute on money held in escrow for something I ordered from Europe about 2 months ago. Hasn’t shown hoping to get my money back even though the vendor promises reship

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I got a promise of reship too, but if customs is just going to seize it again, what’s the point??!!

Also I know bitcoin is my cb higher now than then so can always put order back in and make some scratch ahhahah

Vendor hasn’t denied that what I said in dui pure is true so hoping moderator sees it my way

Ouch. Those letters are the worst.

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Damn well at least part of it is good

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