BigC gains and goals 2017 contest

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Hey there. So running a 3 month blast of iron junkie labs test cyp300 600mg /wk npp200 400mg/wk. Really not sure what to expect with the npp. In the picture which was taken the 16th I weighed in at 221lbs in the morning. I am looking to bulk up to 235-240lbs but stay on the leaner side. Really going to concentrate on diet to see how the npp works for the lean gains. I think personaly getting the size but also staying with a move defined look is what I’m going for. I hope with the npp it’s possible where I won’t need to do a big cut after the blast. I’m hoping I can get my waste to shrink up a little along with specifically chest and arm growth. As I said the pictures were taken on the 16th so I do have a couple weeks head start. Weather I run it for just the 3 months or the little longer to match everyone else is going to depend on my progress made. Btw just letting everyone know I have never posed so that is something I’m going to have to practice I heard it helps with posture and is just helpful in general with knowing your body. Can’t wait to see everyone attending this contest! Happy to be part of the family!


Im glad to see you got in this is getting interesting.

I can tell you from my experience with npp which is 2 cycles you can bulk on it without the heavy bloat coat you get from decca its almost like your cutting as long as you get the protien carbs fats and cals from a relatively clean diet you will be amazed. I would choose npp over tren any day because npp is meant for humans and tren is meant for cows going to slaughter.
I really think that you will really like npp hits quick and the gains don’t stop as long as you keep feeding the engine


I have definitely already noticed a good chunk of lean muscle being put on. All throughout my shoulders and chest my veins are starting to cut through. I am noticing a little bit of bloat but I know it’s not nearly as much as from deca! Definitely loving it so far.

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