BIGMURPH #2of 3 cycle log for 2018

BIGMURPH #2of 3 cycle log for 2018

Compounds for 2018

Test enanthate 250mg-500mgs a wk depending on what part of the year it is and at what stage of the cycle im at.

Test cyp 180mgs-250mgs a wk. I use cyp to cruise and adjust my dose lower to get my levels at a normal

Test prop 25-50mgs eod or ed I do this to help taper down and also kick start a test cycle.

Masteron prop 25-50mg ed or eod.

NPP 300mg split 100mg mwf this might not be used its a possibility though.

Nandrolone base 25mg-50mg pwo this is experimental might not continue to use.

Test base 25-50mg pwo also experimental might not use if I do use the nandro and test base it will be together on certain workout days.

Methenolone enanthate 500-1000mgs a wk stepping up the dose over around 6-8wk using for 26-28wks

Hgh 2iu-4iu stepping up the dose over the entire year.

Igf-1lr3 not sure if this will be added but there is a possibility that I would use 20-30mcg sometime next year.

The taboo compound only if bloodwork shows a massive amount of spiked glucose just enough to level it out not a full time compound.

Ephedrine hcl inj possibly tabs if I can’t get enough amps this will be run as an eca stack which is ephedrine hcl,caffeine,and asprine 81mg beginning of year and end of year to finish off and lower my bf%.

MHN or methylhydroxynandrolone 5-20mg ed 6wk max 8wks if ran at 5-10mg. First time using this compound I need to see how my body reacts to it. It might be not used at all and will supplement anavar in its place.

Anavar 50mg split 8wks ed
Hcg 50iu-5000iu depending how I end up using it. Also might just use on cruise because I plan on getting on trt after 2018.

Taurine,NAC,Tudca,UDCA,glucosamine and other supplements its a long list. The UDCA is real pharma grade Ursodeoxycholic Acid Sustained Release Tablet 600mgs I will only take this if the anavar at the end of the cycle im going to explain leads to my HDL and LDL being extremely bad. Just being prepared.

Caber while running the NPP AND MHN .25 2x a wk or .5 2x a wk depending on blood work and the way my body feels. I will also be using caber because of the HGH it tends to raise your prolactin levels and that will cause a gyno just as fast as estrogen would especially since I will be running my estrogen High I need to be very careful about my prolactin and watching out for gyno symptoms.

Aromasin or examestane I have both depending on dosage of test and mast or proviron this is adjusted. My blood work also tells me how to adjust dose. 6.25-25mg 2x a wk or e3rd day. I have actual pharma grade natco examestane and dragon pharma aromasin so it also depends on the brand the natco can crash estrogen quickly.

Proviron 50mg split 2x a day or 25mg while cruising. If im running masteron I don’t use proviron.

Nolvadex 10mg 2x a day through out my cycle while I’m not on any nor 19 compounds this is what I’m going to use instead of aromasin im going to experiment with running my estrogen at a high level while I’m not running any nor 19 compounds. I instead will be using 10 mg of nolvadex 2x everyday Pharma grade unless my blood work comes back where my estrogen is just too high and I’m experiencing bad side effects then I will cut out the nolvadex and start aromasin. I believe that while I’m not running any nor 19 compounds I will be able to control not getting gyno with nolvadex running my estrogen at a high level because estrogen is a very important muscle-building anabolic compound and through this cycle I would like to run it at a high level and see if my gains are more running nolvadex instead of running Aromasin and having a low estrogen levels.

This was my original plan ive since decided to change somethings.

my stats are
BF%13-14 depending

I will be starting this cycle today april 1st. I will start by saying that im going to start with test at 180mgs of testoviron by Bayer. I will be running hgh at 2iu a day to start off.
I will do this for the first 3wks. I will then up my test to 500mgs split a wk once I start running the MHN at 10mg this will go on for the first 4-6wks depending on results and I might use the MHN at 20mg if this is what I do it will be the first 4wks instead of 6wks at 10mg.
I will begin the methenolone enanthate by bm pharmaceuticals at 800mgs from the start instead of my old plan of upping the dose from 400mg to 1000mg. I have decided to do this because the more primo the better. Also my diet which is extremely heavy in protien will allow me to lift eat and grow quickly with the higher dose. I have another 60 amps of the bm pharma prominate coming also I have 2 vials 200mg/ml from the bm prominate was from


Turbovital (IGF-1 Lr3)

I really wanted to add igflr3. I still might use this compound but im going to have to wait for it to arrive and I might already be past the point of when it needed to add it in.
If any @Sponsors carries igf-1 or igf lr3 and our domestic please contact me so that we can talk about pricing

My cycle plan that I will start today and end around 6 months from now possibly longer if I keep the cruise going with test and hgh.
This is the wk by wk layout

1-5-20wks testoviron 180mg is the actual amount of testosterone from a bayer testoviron amp
5-20wks will be at 500mgs of testoviron by Bayer and bm pharmaceuticals

1-4 maybe 1-6 MHN at 10-20mg.

1- next year hgh at 2iu to start and will up to 3iu but that’s the top of the dose I will use.

Starting cycle with 25mg proviron and up to 50mg split once I adjust my test intake to 500mg

1-4 I will use Aromasin 6.25mg as needed and caber .25mg 2x a wk

1- end of cycle prominate or methenolone enanthate by bm pharmaceuticals at 800mgs from the start. Switching to pharmacom primo 200mg/ml for the last 5wks at 800mgs also.

1-4 I will also be using nandrolone base as a pwo on top of the MHN it will be a very strong amount of nandrolone. I will definitely be using caber.

Taurine,NAC,Tudca,UDCA,glucosamine and other supplements its a long list. The UDCA is real pharma grade Ursodeoxycholic Acid Sustained Release Tablet 600mgs I will only take this if the anavar at the end of the cycle im going to explain leads to my HDL and LDL being extremely bad. Just being prepared
I will not be using mast prop,npp or var during this cycle but I will use it in the follow up cycle.

Im excited to get my muscle mass back because I have lost alot from when i was sick a little while ago. I have made some gains since than but I did lose around 30lbs thankfully I came back quickly. To look positive it really leaned me out which I wanted to do so I can get my solid abs. My bf% even dropped so im really looking to take advantage of the situation.

My diet is going to be the same plan
Protien 300-400g a day no powders

carbs =as low as I can keep them im not sure why but carbs make me really fat and bloated while on cycle so I just take an enough to get my gains and not blow up like a balloon.

Fats 60-70g 80% clean fats no saturated fats.

I would like to see what everyone thinks because this is the cycle im starting today if anyone notices something out of place. Please let me know what you think.


Well brother it’s april 1 NEW CYCLE TIME WOOOOOOO!!

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Big cycle dude!! Today is the day. Can’t wait to see where this takes you. I know you are going to kill it. Running a few compounds I’ve never even heard of too. So interested to see how you like them all.

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WOW!!! I have never seen or heard of something like that…AWESOME, am exited, wanna hear all about it and learn from your experience. i like the no powder decision, personally i function better having solid meals. 12-10 weeks out of a show i did carbs fluctuation: high days-300grs/ moderate days-150grs/low days 50 grs and depletion days the last 3-4 weeks. I found that better than one steady amount daily…is easier to go thru a low day after a high day(for example). I always did it on brown rice and sweet potatoes; and this helped me a lot to stay regular and make the diet easier: Boil in a big pot: white,red onions, yellow and green squash and take a small serving with your rice or potatoes. I think you are gonna do spectacular

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I believe that there might be 2-3 companies that actually make good protien powders. You have to spend a ton of money on them and 85% you just shit down the toilet because your body rejects the overload.
With the amount of money spent on powders and other dietary supplements that honesty do absolutely nothing for you spend the money on solid actually meat and bean protien. Even if it says that you are getting more using the powders you’re not. Nothing can do better at filling your macros than unprocessed products and food.


Damn!! …That is some scientific shit Bigmurph. I will be following this to see how it delivers. Sounds like you really thought this out. Good Luck with this run Bro! :muscle:


This cycle has been being planned and changed for almost 4yrs. I’ve been stocking up on products for 2yrs. If this isn’t the best cycle im ever going to run I really need to rethink life lol :thinking:


niiice. VERY impressive and just have a feeling of success…YOU ARE ABOUT TO KICK ASS and take names later​:rofl::rofl::rofl:. i am excited to see results. the whole test process looks nice and carrfully thought out as well as the rest. woohoo!! excitement ahead!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

I like this one. I like the primo decision. I use pasteurized egg whites with egg white or isolate powder. Water , ice, maybe lactose free milk. 2 bucks for 50g of egg white protein . I have to get 100 grams of protein from a drink or sometimes deli chk, or roast beef. 8 oz driving to work, 8 oz back. So we’re(you) are doing 500 long acting test 1 -20 wks, 800 primo 1-20, nandrolone base and MHN at up to 20/day 1-6. Ancillaries, bah humbug. I’ve been lucky with sides of that nature. They all do their job. What are you doing from 7-20 with 500 test LA and the prop and MHN gone? Anavar and mast p? 400mg masteron/wk, 50 mg Anavar per day? Puts you at about 2100mg all but 500 coming from “lighter sources”…

The middle of the cycle will just be protien and primo with the test. Just eat and grow at that point then toward the end turn it back up again. The mast I might not use during the 20-25wks of primo im thinking another 8wk blast of var mast test prop after a break to really tighten up.
I still have an itch to run trest ace im worried about the aromatase but I’ve got pharma grade exemestane so I might atleast take a taste instead of the mast will see lots of time to think and read

Also hgh the whole way through

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