Bigmurph car accident done for awhile

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Please wear your seat belt my dumbass didn’t and now im in alot of pain. The air bag didn’t even deploy. I injured disks in my neck and my chest and shoulder hit the steering wheel. Hopefully I can recover quickly im in alot of pain but its more soreness than anything serious. Thank God because I didn’t need any long term injury to mess up me starting my cycle at the end of January.

Be safe brothers and sisters wear seat belts don’t be a dumbass like me.

Hoping for a speedy recovery brother! Stay safe and take care.

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In my prayers brother. Speedy recovery

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Very sorry to hear this bro, hope for you to recover quickly and stay safe.

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Holy shit bro. Glad you are okay!!

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Damn bro, praying for a speedy recovery your way. Glad you made it out alive brother!

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Praying for you brother. Thankfully you are okay.

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omg! i am way glad you are safe and thank goodness for having size and muscle mass. a normal person would have not gotten off well. a armor of muscle is awesome. very glad u are ok and with all minor stuff u will be at it in no time. i am sure they did a head scan to make sure u are ok there?..sometimes with all going on and so quickly we dont realize all parts that were hit…nor remember because so much was being processed in those seconds. sometimes depending on where the airbad sensor is depends…that looks like it could have been misses…not enought to the side to activate side airbags if that car has it and just past the front corner with not enough impact presure to activate. Very gald u are ok man

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Thank you everyone I really appreciate it I really mean that thankfully I was okay I’m a little beat up and sore but I did a slight work out today and it wasn’t so bad I think in about a week I’ll be good to go I’m actually going to work tonight so it’s not that bad thank God


Damn bro,
hope its something that heals up quick

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Damn bro I’m so sorry didn’t know. Pray for speedy recovery and always wear your seat belt Bro. Had a very close friend die from not wearing his.


Yeah im actually good I appreciate your comment.
I thought my neck was going to be bad but just muscles are all tight im feeling much better than I was.

Its messed up because I drive almost all day and night always wearing a seatbelt but when I would be in my personal vehicle I never wear it. Im going to start. Voted most dangerous highway and city in America to drive in by aaa. Its crazy I drive past 3 or 4 accidents like this every mourn just driving to work. I was very lucky it wasn’t worse.

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