Bigmurph cruise cycle primo 600mgs and test at 180mg a wk

Bigmurph cruise cycle primo 600mgs and test at 180mg a wk

Im running a cruise because my natural test levels are in the dumps looks like trt is in my future for sure. Im working on cutting now because my last cycle was a bulk. I think that my size isn’t big enough but I want to spend some time getting my abs and really getting all my lines looking good really tight cuts.
So the cruise im running is
175-180mgs split a wk its hard to get an exact amount but this is close its under 200mgs but above 175mgs a wk split.
With this cruise i have decided to add my primobolan from bm pharmaceutical prominate 100mg/ml im also using for my test bm testoviron. Im also using a lab that is sold by an unverified src so I can not mention it but its gso and bb/ba I add the bm prominate to some of it because the prominate is just EO and Methenolone Enanthate. Im running the prominate and other primo at 600mgs I believe that I will be raising the amount of primo to 800mgs if I can pump all that oil into my body 600mgs is already difficult. I would suggest to anyone who plans on running primo to invest in a lab that makes 200mg/ml it will make your run much less uncomfortable.
I just started so nothing to really report yet except that the prominate amps are extremely hard to open i definitely reccomend an amp opener im about to order another. I used the sustaviron and testoviron from bm and the amps were great really easy to open.
Im going to post a pic so everyone can see my end of cycle/pct pic and beginning cruise with test/primo pic.


Will this be treated as your log then, bro? I’m totally in to follow.

So you are running a cruise dose of test but also adding in 600mg primo? Sounds like that should do you right for trying to cut up and get hard. I haven’t had the luxury of running primo yet but I certainly want to.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your pics and follow along.

Yep this will be my log until the end of the year when I blast again. Im using the primo exactly like you said to be in a deficit but keep all my gains from my bulk before this.
Im thinking that at the end of the year I can run again low dose test and dhb.
If you do ever run primo definitely get a lab with 200mg/ml it will save you on all these 2ml injections that I don’t really like

Awesome bro. Can’t wait to follow. have you ever ran dhb?

what’s dhb? And why the comparison with primo? Just trying to expand by knowledge base …

Hey bro. DHB is like a stronger EQ. Some people call it the poor man’s primo actually. It’s also called 1 test cyp. Practically no sides as well (people complete of elevated body temp and sweating as the worst - no aromatization). You don’t hear of it much as it’s not cheap and hard to find legit stuff so not many srcs carry it.

Bigmurph will prolly weigh in more just thought I’d help a little if I could.


I haven’t yet but its the plan next run I’ve heard great stories and great gains about it.

Whats up brother

So dhb dihydroboldenone is what methenolone and Boldenone break down into. Methenolone is a dht derivative but breaks down into dhb.
I would compare dhb to dht
Testosterone breaks down into dht
Dht is basically masteron
So m1t 1-Methyltestosterone which is 17 methylated the oral version of 1testcyp the oral version has really bad sides is very harsh on the whole body especially the liver and kidneys.
So to get its amazing gains because its strength compared to testosterone is said to be 500:1. I will be running the injectable version 1testcyp or dhb.
Im running primo and you have to run it 600+ im looking at raising to 800mgs thats alot of oil. Primo becomes dhb so why not run the less expensive version and only need to inj 400-600mgs. Don’t let the name 1testcyp confuse you because it has no Testosterone it does have a cypionate ester attached.
There are some problems with this product its not all good. It is extremely hard to get to stay suspended the only brand I have ever known to stay suspended at 200mg/ml was geneza but they discontinued production. Dragon pharma attempted it but in every picture you see the vial is always completely crashed. Sources will put warning up saying if you buy this product it will be crashed because they just can’t get it right.
There are a few sources now with the use of super solvents have been able to get 100mg/ml to stay suspended and even 150mg/ml which is a great accomplishment.
We have verified srcs here that carry this product.
If you have any other questions I’ve done extensive research on this compound.
I think its the secret that most pros wanted to keep secret and they could because most srcs can’t get quality raws or even get it to stay suspended. Alot of guys have to uncrash the vial before they inj and go through horrible pip.

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This is right after my bulk cutting down i will post a fresh pic in the mourning.

In this picture
35yrs young thanks to hgh at 2iu

As of this morning

@Bigmurph Does sound like an awesome compound, based on what i’m seeing on other forums, there is a lot of positive feedback about it. @Fitraver some people even called it super primo. But, I am a bit confused about the methenolone conversion to DHB.

I’ve looked everywhere for a decent explanation of methenolone pharmacology, especially its metabolites, and this is the best I can find:

I don’t see DHB listed as a metabolite. Do methenolone and dhb end up producing the same / very similar metabolites upon metabolism?

Does anyone know why primo mg/mL is typically so low? Pharma deca started out at super low dosage but ugls wisened up and have nandrolone products with dosages as high as 400mg/mL. Wondering why no UGL has tackled the particular issue of brewing high dose primo? they would have a monopoly on the market if they could do it, no?

looking forward to it. it’s surreal how similar our builds are - i’m just a tiny bit taller and just slightly heavier but oversalle same proportions based on side and front pics that I’ve seen so far. defintely will have to learn from what you find out using dhb and primo.

@Ukgear can you help out and answer @t-bill question here about why primo can’t be dosed higher? This is out of league but I know you can help out.

@Bigmurph you’ve got a good base dude!! You stick to a cut diet for s bit and those lines you refer to will come in and abs to follow. We all want more size but I truly learned my last bulk, adding size is easier when your bf is lower. So I agree with you. Cut some and get to a spot you’re content with then LEAN gain.

Gunna be fun to watch you!

Removal of the product placement in the pics had me loling too :slight_smile:

Primobolan is a well-known and popular steroid. Like nandrolone it’s most often used as a base compound for stacking with other steroids. Methenolone however, is a DHT-based steroid (actually, DHB or dihydroboldenone, the 5-alpha reduced of the milder boldenon). Meaning when it interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not form estrogens at all. That makes it ideal for use when cutting when excess estrogen is best avoided because of its retentive effects on water and fat. Methenolone is mostly only used in such instances, or by people who are very susceptible to estrogenic side-effects, because the anabolic activity of methenolone is slightly lower than that of nandrolone.

So I hope that helps with the dhb dht thing

So primo is an extremely heavy molecule which makes it hard to suspend in certain carrier oils and also can give horrible pip.
Nowadays though with the knowledge that most srcs have they can produce 200mgs primo and it will stay suspended with no pip what so ever. Going higher than 200mg/ml i believe is basically impossible because of the weight of the molecule it will fall out of anything they try to suspend it in especially primo ace in a inj version is really hard to keep suspended at just 100mgs.
I actually have 5 vials of pne primo no ester dosed at 100mg/ml which is almost unheard of the src had to have the raw src produce a batch of it especially for him its basically never seen but also there really is no use is really the reason a base primo will raise your nitrogen levels but not do much more.
So if you see primo higher than a 100mgs make sure that the src knows what they’re really doing. It won’t be seen over 200mgs

I appreciate that I will never feel big enough. I do want abs though so I really just want to cut back enough so I can see them they’re there just don’t show because I have a higher bf

I edit out everything and strip the exif also them boys will zoom in on my deodorant serial number and be waiting for me at Walmart lol
Security is a priority i believe that tren wrote a post about latent fingerprints being pulled from pics with your hands in them. Tech is crazy nowadays what they can do

Morning big guy! Enjoy your Sunday!

Whats up brother today is my off day. So im going to enjoy it eat a ton of carbs today because its my refeed day.
Get ready for tomm mourn at 4am to hit my chest and arms.

Post up some food porn!!! What’s your fave carbs for refeed day?

Im an Italian so for me almost every Sunday is pasta day.
Meatballs, sausage, pasta, bread, I get an amazing amount of macros and cals out of this meal.
Alot of times I go into a carb coma I feel so tired after loading up i usually take a nap after this meal.
Today began with
Eggs 6x scrambled with biscuits
Muffins blueberry x5
Chicken breast 1lb with peppers and onions
Hardboiled eggs 6x I only eat the whites on hard boiled
Then up coming Italian dinner listed above
Is usually leftovers in the fridge of chicken or beef and rice as last meal.

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