BIGMURPH cycle #1 of 3 total for 2018

BIGMURPH cycle #1 of 3 total for 2018

17%bf right now as of this morning 12/28/2017

My goals for the year are first to cut down to cycle bf%of 15-16%. Then I will run a bulk for the first 10 months of the year(I will explain much better later in the post) when I start at the beginning of the year I will be cutting with an ECA stack and intermittent fasting with a cutting diet. This is just to get my body fat down a little bit before I start taking any AAS. Then I’m going to bulk very heavy with extremely hard training and a massive diet. I plan on putting on 30-50lbs in 10 months. After I complete my Bolt and I will be cruising at the end of the year basically the last 2 months I will then start the cutting process to get back down to my goal weight of 220 possibly sitting lean at 215. So to explain a little better I plan on packing on 20 lb of lean muscle mass over this year possibly more. I by the end of the year want to be extremely lean probably 12% BF. Sitting at 220 lb. I expect to being condition to be able to get on stage at a local level amateur competition.

DIET SINCE 10/2017
My diet for the past 2 months has been basically a dirty bulk diet. I’ve been eating a ton of protein real protein meat not powder. I have been taking in between 225-300g of protien a day. There have unfortunately been days that I have not met this goal because I have not been very strict with my diet. That will now change since I am going to start my cycle. The beginning half of my cycle I’m going to slowly decrease the amount of carbs and fat that I take in because the first 8 weeks of the year I’m going to cut my body fat down 2 at least 15% before I begin the whole taking AAS.
I will come back later in this post to touch on the diet and how I will be eating. Right now I believe I should first explain how the cycle will work for the next year. So that everyone can get a better understanding of oh how everything is going to come together and work out perfectly.

Compounds for 2018

  1. Test enanthate 250mg-500mgs a wk depending on what part of the year it is and at what stage of the cycle im at.
  2. Test cyp 180mgs-250mgs a wk. I use cyp to cruise and adjust my dose lower to get my levels at a norm
  3. Test prop 25-50mgs eod or ed I do this to help taper down and also kick start a test cycle.
  4. Masteron prop 25-50mg ed or eod.
  5. NPP 300mg split 100mg mwf this might not be used its a possibility though.
  6. Nandrolone base 25mg-50mg pwo this is experimental might not continue to use.
  7. Test base 25-50mg pwo also experimental might not use if I do use the nandro and test base it will be together on certain workout days.
  8. Methenolone enanthate 500-1000mgs a wk stepping up the dose over around 6-8wk using for 26-28wks
  9. Hgh 2iu-4iu stepping up the dose over the entire year.
  10. Igf-1lr3 not sure if this will be added but there is a possibility that I would use 20-30mcg sometime next year.
  11. The taboo compound only if bloodwork shows a massive amount of spiked glucose just enough to level it out not a full time compound.
  12. Ephedrine hcl inj possibly tabs if I can’t get enough amps this will be run as an eca stack which is ephedrine hcl,caffeine,and asprine 81mg beginning of year and end of year to finish off and lower my bf%.
  13. MHN or methylhydroxynandrolone 5-20mg ed 6wk max 8wks if ran at 5-10mg. First time using this compound I need to see how my body reacts to it. It might be not used at all and will supplement anavar in its place.
  14. Anavar 50mg split 8wks ed
  15. Hcg 50iu-5000iu depending how I end up using it. Also might just use on cruise because I plan on getting on trt after 2018.
  16. Taurine,NAC,Tudca,UDCA,glucosamine and other supplements its a long list. The UDCA is real pharma grade Ursodeoxycholic Acid Sustained Release Tablet 600mgs I will only take this if the anavar at the end of the cycle im going to explain leads to my HDL and LDL being extremely bad. Just being prepared.
  17. Caber while running the NPP AND MHN .25 2x a wk or .5 2x a wk depending on blood work and the way my body feels. I will also be using caber because of the HGH it tends to raise your prolactin levels and that will cause a gyno just as fast as estrogen would especially since I will be running my estrogen High I need to be very careful about my prolactin and watching out for gyno symptoms.
  18. Aromasin or examestane I have both depending on dosage of test and mast or proviron this is adjusted. My blood work also tells me how to adjust dose. 6.25-25mg 2x a wk or e3rd day. I have actual pharma grade natco examestane and dragon pharma aromasin so it also depends on the brand the natco can crash estrogen quickly.
  19. Proviron 50mg split 2x a day or 25mg while cruising. If im running masteron I don’t use proviron.
  20. Nolvadex 10mg 2x a day through out my cycle while I’m not on any nor 19 compounds this is what I’m going to use instead of aromasin im going to experiment with running my estrogen at a high level while I’m not running any nor 19 compounds. I instead will be using 10 mg of nolvadex 2x everyday Pharma grade unless my blood work comes back where my estrogen is just too high and I’m experiencing bad side effects then I will cut out the nolvadex and start aromasin. I believe that while I’m not running any nor 19 compounds I will be able to control not getting gyno with nolvadex running my estrogen at a high level because estrogen is a very important muscle-building anabolic compound and through this cycle I would like to run it at a high level and see if my gains are more running nolvadex instead of running Aromasin and having a low estrogen levels.

Thats alot of compounds to use in a year let alone a lifetime. I don’t want anyone to think that im just going to throw all these compounds in heavy and hope for the best. I plan on spreading this all out over an entire year. Once I explain the cycle plans for the whole year I don’t think that it will look so bad.
Please bare with me this is going to be a long post.

DIET part #1 The beginning of the year since I put on a little extra bf% since the end of my cut in 2017. Im going to start off with a
200-300+grams of protien
300-400g of carbs
70-80 grams of fats
Im not going to follow those numbers exactly the last time I tried to count everything I really believe that it hurt my gains more than helped my gains so those numbers are goals or estimates. How ever you want to look at it. I know what and how I need to eat to achieve my goals and thats what im really going to go by. Im going to let the workouts cut me down and the diet bulk me up. Not at the same time of course but over all of next year. Part 1 is going to be a short 2 months of cutting while just cruising on 180mgs of test cyp.

Training part #1 is going to be a cutting routine that works forme. Intermittent fasting every morning roll out of bed and hit the cardio and core then fuel up after with a heavy meal high in protein and carbs at this point this will be my only heavy carb meal of the day then about 5 or 6 more high protein medium carb medium fat.
Night will be lifting
I will be training using the new app that I have call Pro gym workout app it’s actually a verified app at UGM the Creator is a member here @progymworkout. The app is actually in my opinion amazing it gives me I believe it’s 16 different training routines that I can switch through to mix things up or pick a certain one to achieve a certain goal through the year. The app is free download but to really get the benefits of it you need to pay and honestly it’s worth the money. I personally really enjoy using this app because it pushes me to do routines that I normally would have never done. If you are like me a creature of habit and tend to do the same training routine over and over and over again this app is actually great because it shows you and gives you the options where you can mix it up. Just to give you an example this would be my Friday workout

I honestly will not be following it exactly but that’s just an example of what the workouts look like I will be doing a six-day-a-week only Sunday off and two times a day workout 4 this part of my 2018 training. Two-a-day workout will consist of cardio and core in the morning and lifting at night.

Once I’m in condition to start running AAS my first cycle of the year will be a short 8-week blast. It will consist of
Testosterone enanthate bm pharma wk1-8 250mg 1x every Sunday
Test prop wk 1-4 50mg
MHN 5-20MG split ed 2x a day
Test and Nandro Base will be used in these 8wks to see if I will continue to use them and at what dose.
Proviron 50mg split 2x a day
Aromasin if needed.
Hcg 8wks 125iu e3d maybe more maybe less.
Then after 8wks back to cruise test cyp 180mgs.

End of part 1 more to come 2 and 3 will be alot more detailed into goals and compounds training and diet to reach those specific goals


Parts 2 and 3 will be MORE detailed??? Is that possible lolol Jk bro. You know I can’t wait to follow along.

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I really want to get very detailed when I write it out because I really want some good feedback from everyone I know I’ll get it but I just want to make sure that everyone has all the information that they could ever need to let me know if they think it’s a good idea or a bad idea. You know I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

What do you guys think so far about my 2018 anything to add anything you think that I should change up so far. I’m going for amateur competition by 2019 so this is going to be a big year from me

Funny, i marked to go back and look at it again. At first glance, it was very instinctive and well thought out. Could it be too “brainy”… I believe the answer is yes. I am going to look at it again. I know by reading your posts that you believe in the training and diet as a bigger part than the gear. That’s awesome, because by far it is. From part 1, it looks like 2018 is a “prep year”? I don’t like that because even though you don’t make money from bbing or such, your a bber. To me that is just like an artist or a scientist. I believe people won’t compete if trying to get it perfect. Main thing is look in mirror and trust one person, then get shredded. You’ll see any weak points and then work on those… To me it has to be, I’m willing to do this and this, spend this amt of time, etc. Your contest prep consists of really maintaining the muscle and getting off the fat. You can’t wait until you are a cpetitive 210 or 220. One you never know until your up there and two you never know until your up there​:disappointed_relieved::scream: which means, great my class has the 10 best guys in the show and the supers have 1 competitor who should have went lightheavy. Its like folks who golf, run marathon or whatever, yes your going against yourself but you have a look in your mind and its good to turn around and smoke some guys. People travel, spend 1000s on lessons to play a course or get handicap down. Run the Boston marathon. As far as compounds and doses, I think part two you’ll have that nailed down more. I like first two months get to 10%, 3 months train there and get harder and more muscle at 10%, then last 3 - 4 months get ripped. I like to keep a couple of staples as a base through out. Test, EQ, for instance and add 2 to 3 things switching every 6 weeks, for a show I like all faster acting compounds that you can adjust easily. But, now there’s so much interesting stuff but its really the same at the end of the day. DHB or real primo, masteron, if its real that’s the key.

I appreciate your feedback brother I tested all my primo its all real and will be the staple product that I run through the year. The hgh var and mhn are my short burst compounds and then I will be running test e and c but also prop to taper and kickstart through the year.
I will be honest your right this is contest prep I didn’t think that I could get to that point but when I look in the mirror after a strong year that I have planned being very serious. I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t. I basically want to take the leap from gym rat to damn he could compete.
Thats the true goal.

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We are our worse judges. You probably have made that leap, but have an idea of what you want to look like ripped. :grinning:

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It’s the truth the mirror and scale are our worst enemies

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What a gorgeous, well planned cycle!

Much appreciated brother I’m going to explain it a little bit better and part two and three

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Your a legend …js

Awesome, I love it monster stuff. You are going to do Excellent, nothing like being well prepared and full of passion. One thing if you allow me: once you get on the real hard part of the diet it actually become easier, I firmly believe you can go lower with your bf, specially for stage purposes. Also never forget that judges don’t have measuring tapes, size and leaness of course but right there simetry is very , very important, so train smart looking for equal development of all body parts (focus on the waist line , between hips lower abs and legs; that area is got to be small so watch how you train your abs, don’t let them get thick). Posing and that is just another sport itself, train it and train it.
You are gonna do great!!!

Great detail, with everything planned out that well I have no doubt you’ll reach your goals. Best of luck and I’ll be following along!

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