Bigmurph's next cycle testoviron npp var

Bigmurph's next cycle testoviron npp var

Im about 2 months away from starting my next cycle.
My last cycle was the same compounds and before that I ran it with tbol instead of var.
The first cycle yeilded around 8lbs of quality muscle a really good cycle in my opinion the last cycle only yeilded around 4lbs not great but good for a 10wk run. Im considering using tbol again with this round. This cycle will be 15 wks 12 of those with npp at 450mgs a wk. My diet is going to be a heavy bulk diet. I have decca which I might also use. I have plunty of caber and aromasin so im going to crank up the doses this time around. I will be using bayer testoviron depot but I also have on hand bm pharmaceutical testoviron and sustanon. I will run 50mgs a day split of Proviron that right there frees up all my test and allows it to really work its magic. I also have a complete pharma grade pct and ai also the caber and Proviron. All of my oils are from all over. I have 2 vials of npp from 2 vials of npp from 2 vials from Then the decca is from gearuniversity all are great labs. I have to say that thorin is my favorite npp but has some good npp also the npp from I haven’t ran yet but im sure it will be great npp.
The orals are from ashop I have some balkan tbol and the var is from some of the jollies.

My cycle break down is this
1-3 test prop 100mgs eod
1-6 tbol 50mgs split every day
1-15 bayer testoviron depot 500mgs a wk split
1-12 npp 150mgs mon,wed,fri 450mgs a wk
8-15 var jollies 40mgs split ed
1-17 Proviron 50mgs split ed
5-17 aromasin 12.5 eod or ed depending on estro
9-17 hcg 500iu e5d
Clomiphene 100/100/50/50
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

A solid cycle with my diet and training I should easily get 8-10lbs of solid kept gains.

I will keep you posted on progress with pics and I will get you pics of the gear im going to use also.

Any feedback is welcome if anyone has advice im all ears
Thanks brothers

I’ll be following this. Im not a big fan of NPP personally but would be interesting to see the outcome. Are you planning on running bloods beginning and at intervals in the cycle? :syringe:

I get bloods done every 6 months at my doctor this cycle will most likely not have any blood work during but post pct always. Even if I have to use I get a hormone panel done to make sure I come back or if I need to actually run clomiphene for a couple more weeks or even if its bad try hcg or hmg to get things going again.
When I first started running I would always do a hormone panel mid cycle to check estro and progesterone. Now im very familiar with my bodies reaction to the test npp mix that my dosing of Proviron Aromasin and caber are spot on. I haven’t gotten decca dick in awhile. Things do change though so anyone reading this bloods are very important to gauge where you’re at.

I will keep you updated on progress

Thats a precycle pic I actually started this cycle last night with a shot of 100mgs prop. I will actually be pinning bm pharmaceutical sustaviron 250mgs tonight then mon wed fri with npp at 450mgs

Hey bigmurph how’s the cycle going? Curious about the nandrolone and if it’s having any impact on how much/little water you’re retaining in your face. Also, any difference in quality of gains- lean v. bloat?

I read that it has 1/5th the likelihood to aromatize vs. test due to the difference in the speed of the aromatization of the compounds.

I’m considering switching 80% of my injection volume from test to it or primo to get a semblance of my jawline back, which currently is attainable on low trt for me only by dosing waay too hard on anastrazole.

The cycle is treating me good going into wk 5 the compounds are just kicking in. I ended up running sust at 250mgs 3x a wk and decca 300mgs 2x a wk. Proviron at 50mgs split my ai is aromasin 12.5 ed.
Im up 8lbs and now im eating like an animal so I should gain 15lbs in a couple of weeks.
You can see i was alot leaner in my last pic but once I run all 20wk of this cycle then cut down i will be ripped atleast thats the goal.

If you want to drop the bloat use Proviron start at 50mgs a day split. With me running 750mgs of sust and 600mgs of decca you would think that I would be bloated but im pretty dry its because of the Proviron.

definitely seeing gains based on the pics, nice increase in vascularity in the arms as well.

re: the bloat is only in my face nowhere else, body is lean. Did a little experimenting this week - dropped test from 300 to 100, and almost instantly the jawline reappeared (the difference is dramatic - the diff in attention received from women is directly proportional as well), but the body is now puffier due to the low test :frowning:

have started proviron at 50. i do like its effect on my mind - w/o my add rx i’m an anxious scatterbrain, w/ the add rx I become a very insightful and deep thinker (IQ rises well above 140 after being at 75% percentile w/o the rx), but my affect is crappy and I tend to overplan things to avoid failure. w/ the proviron have noticed an immediate change where I have the pluses of the add rx working but I have more affect (e.g. much better vocal tonality, organic not premeditated) and a bit more confidence where I’m feeling much more comfortable beginning something after having planned for 90% of the parameters / factors influencing the end result

will see if it lets me keep the test dose at 300 w/o having a moon face
how much have your lifts gone up? do you track mass gain to strength gain ratio typically? I like to do that especially if I’m testing any changes to the diet.

also dang that’s a lot of gear in your system at one time. it seems to work for you though! I’ve never gone past 400 mg total (all compounds combined) per week so I’m curious about how it feels to be on 1350mg of gear

Like your a god… then at over 2 grams a week you feel like your dying half the time lol. At least on 1gram of tren you do :slight_smile:

Watch your sodium intake i have seen this lead to holding alot of water. Lowering sodium levels should definitely also help alot try not to eat anything processed unless it was breathing or straight from the dirt don’t eat it if anyone has done anything to it before you cook it.

I could only imagine a gram of tren shit. That will definitely put some strong cuts on you.

the sodium intake point is definitely valid but what throws me off is the dramatic difference observed in face shape w/o changing my diet but by replacing most of my test w/ deca

then I find this

i don’t know enough about the impact of changes in 11-beta hydroxylase vs changes in 21-hydroxylase to explain how that impacts water retention in the face more than the body but this article definitely provides solid evidence supporting the notion that nandrolone is less likely than testosterone to cause excessive water retention

Looks good Murph I’m running 750 mgs of Thorin Cyp now with 50 mgs of pharmacom provi I may add deca or an oral I really think the Thorin is dosed on the high side I’m deffinately feeling it How did your Primo run go

Primo run will be probably in October maybe sooner maybe later it depends on a few different things. I have got the primo I’ve got 10 vials of thorin primo and 4 vials of pne or primo no ester which im not really sure how im going to use it.
I used thorin test last run it is strong. Hows the pharmacom provi I hear alot of good about that brand.

I made some changes on this cycle and the first 8wks were a waste because of subpar gear but this is week 12 you can see im nice and fat from bulking but I will really lean it out after cycle.

You can actually see that my right side of my upper body is smaller than the left im still working on getting it even. I ruptured my right bicep so now the right side is a little behind. I would like feedback what do you guys think. In the picture im 213lbs there is alot of water in those lbs still.

Cycle is actually 16wks
Test e 500mgs split
Decca 400mgs split
Proviron 50mgs split
The last 4wks I’ve added alot of weight now that my decca is legit

I always hear about people rupturing their biceps but don’t know what that really means having no personal experience. What exactly happened and did you have to do anything special to accelerate recovery?

btw that’s not bad at all for post-bulk. decent v-taper and overall solid proportions. the only thing that is throwing off is your chest - could be the lighting and your natural build, but your chest has pretty decent separation, it almost looks like you’re using a tiny bit of synthol which of course I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t do

Ruptured bicep is a tear or complete separation of the bicep muscle from your forearm where it is attached. I had a complete tear my bicep was gone it rolled right up into my shoulder. I had surgery around 7 days after they reattached it then 3 months in a no mobility sling. Then alot of physical therapy im going to get another mri soon because I still can’t turn my arm all the way over i still can only lift a little more than half of what my left side can lift so im not very happy with my recovery. I had a doctor who did my surgery who in my area is the goto for every professional athlete. I got lucky there it was a really bad tear though so he did the best he could.

I appreciate your feedback on the pic I have an updated version you will be really surprised at the difference between that pic and this pic. Its only 5wks difference but its around 20lbs heavier. I will post it up soon

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