Bitcoin and Payments Online

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Hey guys right now because of the issues with transactions on the blockchain, I recommend you switch to a Bitcoin segwit wallet or start using other crypto currencies so transactions are fast and easier.

If you want a bitcoin segwit wallet on mobile, get Electrum or Samourai wallet.

If you want to switch and accept other currencies I recommend you get the Coinomi app and switch to Zcash (best because not traceable), Dash (ok cause the desktop wallet from dash has built in tumbling of coins), or Vertcoin or Ethereum. Coinomi also has built in changley and shapeshift to allow you to transfer between coins thru the app.

For the @Source willing to switch to other payment methods this will help your services across the board on all sides. Please let the members know who is using what at the moment.


@Bigmurph @PHD

Edit: Zcash is a better option for safety but due to lack of exchanging on shapeshift, maybe better to stick with Dash or Ethereum


Some info and links on what was mentioned above.


I love this idea, hopefully sources will look into switching it up.

Due to the high transfer fees Bitpay is suspending small payments.

Shit bitpay has high transfer fees they should take a look in the mirror.
I switched to btc originally for the lower costs and less hassle of wu and mg but its become worse.
I have my btc in a wallet that will charge me 3$ to withdraw all ive kept it there since the 77$ transfer fee I had from mycellium.
Its out of control I remember transfer fees being 6$ for a 10 min confirmation.
I believe that miner fees are what is going to stop btc from growing to its full potential. In comparison to bitcoin gold which is. 23 cents to transfer other coins are not much more btc is at average 15-100$ a transfer its ridiculous

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Whats everyones opinion on xrp or ripple and xvg or verge.
Im thinking about making these two my longterm coins.
Would like to hear everyones opinion or any other options that you think are better

Thanks, I’m getting scared to death…all this stuff is moving at light speed. I wish there was a way to just do cash. Really. To get stuff you need to be recommended and sources cut off at certain amt of " good customers" 150 customers who spend 2k on gear in a year. 300k right there, their job is to keep up their end. Lots of probs there but at least I’m pretty close to needing to use my favorite drug dealer for TRT , my primary care physician!!!

Thanks for the info… I have been told that etherium is unstable and that they destablized their blockchain by issuing cryptokitties 20,000 transactions were suspended a few weeks ago

What do you know about litecoin?

Etheruem has issues with cryptokiddies but thats being worked out to have it forked off the chain.

Litecoin is getting more expensive now and dropping faster since Charlie Lee sold out. I dont think it will be as strong as before. Many see him as a crook.

Media is pushing litecoin, vertcoin and verge as potential replacements. I like vertcoin but after @Bigmurph asked me to check on verge I think that maybe better for the communities as mobile wallets are behind Tor and they seem to be picking up traction as anonymous nontrackable currency. Problem is they aren’t as easy to get ahold of as they are limited on where to purchase and cash out from. As of now not accepted to shapeshift.

Verge got 176% in 24 hrs its not going to be huge but I did go big because I really believe in there platform With tor.

I’m gonna try an electrum wallet.

had been buying with gdax and storing in exodus.

Is the solution to the crazy exchange fees just a matter of using a segwit wallet?
do both sides of the transaction have to be segwit?

Should we anticipate our underground market niche to be moving away from btc and to a new coin?

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Not the total solution but a temp one. Only sender needs segwit to work and fees will be less then half. Im going completely away from btc for now but will be active in alts where its faster.

I definitely dont see the market staying with btc at these rates. Bitcoin cash maybe now. Most the darknet sites switched to monero or zcash.

i just made an electrum wallet, the format is very basic.

looks like the only coin that it has is mBTC

Bitcoin. Thats just a smaller scale to view it on… you can change it in the settings

Verge its on tor and xvg is the coin huge profits its going to be the new anon coin
Check it out

I thought the same but you can change it to btc.

It took me awhile to get used to electrum

Made a binance account too, you can trade almost anything there.
Complex format, tons of charts to learn.

Gonna buy a bit of verge and monero, maybe some iota and ripple too.

any other alt coins you guys are enthusiastic about?

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Vert definitely… itll replace litecoin with lightning network.

Excellent idea I use coinami myself and have interested heavily in verge XVG In the exchange or market place.
I believe that everything tren said is correct and that srcs are going to start accepting alt coins even the upgraded mycellium wallet has an exchange in it to exchange everything from eth ltc xrp xvg and everything in between into btc but mycellium wallet has the highest fees per transfer. Segwit wallets and erc20 compatible wallets like freewallet and others charge 15$ for btc transfers and as low as .23 cents for btg and btcc transfers.
Im going to start to move away from mycellium wallet and go with electrum wallet or possibly free wallet exchange. I have even looked into using btchit.
Things are definitely changing

I’m gonna wait for the price of verge to stabilize before jumping in.
Caught a nice surge on zcoin.

Also jumped on the bandwagon with bread and Neo and Sub

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