Bitcoin and transferring

Just a little heads up. Since this whole Corona virus business is going on, make sure if you purchase with bitcoin to do same day buy of coin and same day buy of product. Bitcoin is taking a pretty hard hit right now like the stock market. As far as the stock market, you might want to look at moving funds out of Small Caps and moving into large Caps to keep your profits. Or if your really paranoid… move it all into a long term mutual fund… small caps and bitcoin will take some time to recover… Just sayin.


Bitcoin is going to halve in March im holding anything even though its a little bit im still holding because when btc goes through a halving it has always been an amazing event. Will see if the trend continues.


Yep I remember you saying that. Gonna try to move some money into that

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I have taken a beating in the stock market. It’s taking me all my energy not to cash out and hunker down. The last four days I’ve lost my ass in the small cap market. Fuckin China…:expressionless:. Moved a lot into long term money market. Crappy 2.5% return… :expressionless:

Anyone trade options here? But for crypto currency hopefully it continues to drop that way you can take advantage of the low market because around may or june it’s going to create a bullish.

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