Bitcoin atm problem help

Bitcoin atm problem help

So I just used a bitcoin atm for the first time… I sent the funds to my mycelium or code and it’s been an hour and there is nothing? $200 I’m a little stressed is this normal?

it can be, what does your wallet say, pending etc.?


OK I know @Bigmurph uses that 1 I think anyway I’m sure someone will get to you.

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How many sat did you send the transfer at it determines the speed of how fast you will get it if you don’t know how much did you pay for miner fees and I can judge how fast it should arrive?
Also did you triple check the address that you put in or did you scan the qr code?

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What wallet did you send it to I want you to log out of the wallet log back in and then open the wallet you sent it to if you can hit the refresh button on the wallet you should atleast be getting a recieving message even if it hasn’t confirmed yet.

I dont see anywhere to log out. I’ve restarted the ap multiple times. It didnt say anything about mine fees. Cant believe I let it eat 200. I used the car code and It’s been over 3 hours I think the money is gone. I’m about to go try a different atm with a different ap. First time doing this something was bound to go wrong.

What’s the name of the app so I can see if its a scam app?

Did you try adding your bank to mycelium? I have mycelium and coinbase setup with my banks, conversion rate might be higher then atm, but I guess it’s convenience your paying for.

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Mycelium. I just now got a email from support asking for my phone number. Not from mycelium but the atm company. I’ll keep you posted


Here’s the reply they sent me… That transaction is currently processing. Please be patient while the transaction is going through confirmations and loading into your wallet. Once the confirmations are complete, your funds will automatically be available in your wallet.
Thank you
GetCoins Support
Hopefully I’ll get to place an order eventually

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yeah I see people complain about this alot, seems the more you use it the faster they approve it or some shit. But at least you got your money coming


I use a Blockchain wallet. And a coin base ATM. I have tried some apps to purchase through but never had them go through my bank blocks them every time thinking it’s a scam.

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It’s been 8 hours, Still nothing. Hopefully I wake up to something.

Atm transaction times have nothing to do with recievers wallet in most cases. Green wallet will dely a bit cause they force everything thru their private servers. Mycellium doesnt and never has. As soon as transaction reads on blockchain its there showing in your wallet.

The problem is on the senders side. Not just the sats but if they are doing KYC first and verifying info provided. Then you have sat issues as they try to use the lowest and slowest amount to send. This is the problem in a rush when sending fees can be increasing and they already used a low fee. Buy the time its recieved it maybe less then the actual amount sent at the time.

Coinbase is notorious for screwing people on times and amounts and blocking funds. They control your money and work with the feds.

Mycellium is opensource and funds are under your control.

Greenwallet is open source and partially under your control. If they go under and servers down money in their wallets can be locked for a crazy time like 20 something weeks before being made available again.


And that is why I don’t use bitcoin now but unfortunately we are all going to have to at some point one day feds got there hands on bitcoin too if they want it they can get it biggest mafia on earth

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Still nothing… pretty frustrated

Just came through, Hopefully this will help the next newbie that goes through this.


Awesome news

I’m glad you got it I do t know why they can’t make doing illegal shit more easy I’m mean hell I can go 10 miles in any direction and score meth but wanna use some bitcoin to buy a hooker and oh hell no

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