Bitcoin is going off!

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Just got back from a weekend of camping in the desert and was happy to see BTC over 3k again.

Looks like it survived the fork, or whatever that was on the 1st of Aug

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I was told that guys who had btc stored are owed bcc now. Greg posted it at eroids
Im not sure as I didn’t have any but damn I wish I did buy awk or 2 ago when it dropped to around 2g.

Yeah however it wont be long before they do a pump and dump again. Watch the large blocks and see what happens. If you see them dumping and dropping cash out. Buy when it bottoms again and then it’ll go back up. Ive made a bit doing this. I keep an app on the phone to give me alerts with every 5% move up or down in the margins. I dont start buying back until its at 10% back up from the bottom.

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I was talking to my wife about this a month ago when it started going straight up then would fall off then straight up.
Its really unregulated so why wouldn’t any big stock firm use the pump and dump scam on it over and over and make millions each time.
No stock would be able to go straight up and straight down over and over without a fcc investigation

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Fact is alot of large investment places are using and backing bitcoin right now. Theyre going to take advantage of it. Only thing that sucks is if you need to pay something during the downtime and bought when high.

It broke 3000 they will take it up to 3500 thats when everyone needs to sell to be safe i would say sell at 3400 to get out before it happens because right around 3400 is when they will dump next

It’s at 3354 right now insane

@TrenGod What’s the best/most secure phone app to use? I’ve never used bitcoin just because i don’t have pc and use my phone. Is there a secure one for the phone?

Its kinda subjective. Airbitz is highly liked and opensource. I dont live in US so alot of the benefits of the app dont help me.

I like mycelium app personally. Theres alot of drama behind the company but the app itself is solid.

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Appreciate the info!

What about blockchain im not really into btc but I’ve heard its the one

Blockchain is just the way transactions happen and are recorded.

whats up burr. ?? thanks bro your a solid brother.

Sieg! hello my friend
Got some great camping and boating in over the weekend. Had a blast!
You are a good friend and I know you would go to bat for me any time I needed you to.
Happy to have your back… like a friend should.


I have seen an app named blockchain maybe im wrong im really not great with tech lol

lol. you. i cant even down load shit i need. so your ok now for me. smh. im lost.

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