Bitcoin, is it a mainsource of payments?

I’ve been browsin websites to buy gear and its everywhere and I have no idea how to make it work, is this the norm now?

Pretty much. Everyones been having more problems with western union and moneygram. Most sources prefer bitcoin.

thank you, I’m just ganna have to sit down and go through the steps

Its pretty easy to use once everything is setup. Takes a bit of learning but once you get the hang of it your G2G.

We have had this discusion in another thread, and there are alot of companies to use and obtain bitcoin. I dont like them very much but coinbase has always been reliable for me to get the job done. You have to be careful with them now though because they will put a 72 hour hold on funds you send. (i think if its over a certain dollar amount) The only way around getting that 72 hour hold lifted from the funds your trying to send is to upload a photo of the front and back of your DL and then take a Selfie… So basically sending BTC threw coinbase is no longer anonymous if your trying not to get your funds held up!

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itll be a learning experience then, hopefully not a bad one

it wont be a bad experience just with coinbase can be frustrating, getting accounts lined up, wallets setup, verification processes, fees, more fees, more fees, transfer fees, wait times, bitcoin prices jumping and falling… its tough. Once your all setup its just a matter of a few clicks of a button and your good.