Bitcoin transfer and the next move

So bitcoin is absolutely stupid on transfers right now and every Tom dick and Harry are getting on it. The govt is coming boys wait for it and the need for anonymity is great for us so do you guys see a big move to places like XMR ? I think I’m gonna try it at some point soon lots cheaper and more private but also seems harder to use and convert to $$$ any experience with it guys takes opinions?

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I don’t see it happening and bitcoin hasn’t been anon for years now. The other coins are crap honestly if they had a chance to be adopted and used for something that would be different but other coins are to difficult to use and there not much more different than bitcoin when it comes to anonymity.

The government already follows the blockchain they have a question line on your taxes now asking about if you have any crypto holdings.


I noticed that as well I failed to answer that question there is a lot more I wish I could ask you @Bigmurph unfortunately I cannot. Is it hard to transfer XMR to BTC or cash. Hell I can’t transfer BTC to cash easy cause I’m hard headed and they can piss off with my bank acct numbers and crap

The thing about crypto is that its anon if bought with cash but then in the end just like any other investment you have to cash out that’s were they then know who had how much crypto and your cryto can be traced back along the blockchain to its exact origin point.
They hold the keys to the kingdom the govt


Well I can tell you Venmo can suck an egg they are right up the governments ass and pretty sure PayPal owns it


That’s correct its garbage both of them

I like eggs

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Playing around with the xrp into Bitcoin and into Dodge Coin that’s where you’re going into some Uncharted territories and a lot of these coins specifically like the xrp is made on a database that still has a platform that doesn’t have money being funded into it for my understanding so I don’t really mess around and less it’s filecoin filecoin has the best return and integrates very well with Bitcoin

I noticed you can move XMR to bitcoin on MONARO and Binance it over to cash or whatever there are two Binance apps one is one not right now you can apparently move between the two and stay out of us with a vpn Paxful doesn’t play with xmr

Dammit John were talking scrambled with cheese not over easy lol. Green eggs and ham. I just want to do my dirty laundry and be left alone is that too much too ask from Biden and kamero

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Correct. The government can and will trace the proceeds if they are sufficiently large to warrant it.

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I believe right now its at 3k they automatically flag. Way down from 10k cash.

Well I may have learned something. I went on an adder all fueled crypto coin internet bender and I see what your saying there are a million coins but they all wanna go to bitcoin when you cash out now I found some other things I wanna understand the tether tokens are stable? So if you have CYPTO coins you can place it there to avoid crash but you don’t make money either also found a place that has 15-20% apr returns if you keep so much of their coin which I’m guessing is how they keep it’s value I even found a place I could write my own code I think I may have started my own blockchain last night either that or I launched some nukes

(Wanna play a game) !!!

I found a few exchanges that I had to verify (no biggie ) but one wanted my SS# him how bout fukq you
@Bigmurph I need you to plug me in to the matrix
@John flap jacks grits eggs and bacon

So what are the rules on here about contact of members outside forum I’m not trying to I just got to thinking


Ok so im glad you saw that everything depends on bitcoin. It controls everything below it except usd stable coins like tether there stable only because you just turned your bitcoin back into dollars. Then you need to pay again to make it bitcoin. So stable coins are just like cashing out your bitcoin.

The apr returns be extremely careful most are scams based in places like Estonia I don’t even know where that is so I don’t recommend opening an account lol atleast until there proven. So much money has been stolen since the beginning of bitcoin I could only imagine the actual number from all the different scams.

You can of course contact any member if they allow there contact information to be open in there account.

I would say that as long as you don’t talk about paying for anything you can have any bitcoin conversation here it might help someone in the future

It’s the grey line of Big Murph and the hammer there is just so much visual noise and flash with crypto currencies it is easy to get confused and distracted. He is where I get lost and or confused I have found all these ways to move BTC around change from one crypto to another tether is cashing out so to speak you avoid the risk but also the reward of the market volatility ok now here is my question and maybe it is too far if so get me. But I am a cash kind of guy. I like it green paper in a safe how do you get it there I know exchanges and people buy it and pay you through various ways. But now you are running the lines of money laundering are you not moving it from acct to acct to exchange to cash app to you kinda sounds like it to me. Is there a place to cash out to bank acct. without moving it so much or a credit card you can dump it to and use for cash that’s an actual acct I have probably missed it I have been so focused on getting BTC TO CASH Or vise versus

You would just have to send to a wallet or exchange that’s connected to your bank account and just sell for USD.
That’s all you shouldn’t have to move it around at all.

You wouldn’t even have to send it anywhere you can buy and sell in most wallets and all exchanges

Updates on my travels So I swapped to another coin XMR and have been using it for a while now have trouble turning it into cash but not BTC or tether then my bitcoin froze and almost lost it even with keys. I was on monero then I have swapped to freewallet. And have had no issue so far I lost some btc to mycelium even with keys to and haven’t recovered also the rates are stupid high Paxful is still a great place to exchange and have been using it for some time Binance is so so I dont like it as of yet and XMR seems to be really hard to transfer to cash even with bank acct I’m sticking with it for now I am not fluent in BTC but are far better than before I can tell you this it’s here and it’s staying


I’m always looking for a better way to buy cryptocurrency mainly bitcoin. The problem I have is most of these places are new and haven’t built a reputation which makes me nervous. I’ve never tried exchanging back to cash. With the exception of a couple gift cards, I just leave it alone.

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This is the problem with alt coins there scams only those that know how to get money out of them can get it some coins are completely scams some coins are legitimate like right now the alt coin that’s going to do well are eitherium and doge these two have actually futures with adoption. They are legitimate there are others but not many

You can cash out through Binance and a few other places as well as get a card that you use as a debit card anywhere you can go to bank acct as well I have just not had much luck going to bank acct cause I don’t want to show it quite yet imma hold off as long as I can cause Uncle Sam be rapidly getting mine anyway

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