Bitrefill gift cards and phone top offs

Bitrefill gift cards and phone top offs

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You can literally buy anything online with bitcoin because of this site. Its amazing ive been using it for just over a year before I wanted to bring it here and promote it I believe its the best site to use because there are others out there but this one is the easiest to use and also has such a wide selection from the wife to the kids get yourself something. You can send the giftcards as gifts just like the ones you buy in the store they are just sent through the email address of who your sending the gift to and then they take a screenshot and at the store they usually just scan your phone and then your done.
If you’re not into bitcoin yet you’re crazy everyone should be investing in btc right now the btc halving is coming soon again and this is what put btc at 20k. The math shows that it should be 100k a btc after the halving it won’t stay that high but that’s alot of growth between the 10k its at now. If you invested 300usd you should following the prediction end up with 3000usd after the halving.
We were at 3000usd a btc at this time last year and now we are at 10k it will continue to go up until the halving so if you are planning on buying anything put a bit in the btc pot and it should grow for you so you can save money on a big product that you would like to purchase.
You can go on there site and check out the enormous amount of gift cards available and if they don’t have it write them and they will reach out to the company about getting there gift cards.
Customer service is also excellent so no problems there if there’s a problem they will work with you and get everything sorted out.
Please check them out if you have a btc wallet and if you don’t they are a wallet and will hold your btc for you until you make a gift card purchase.

Thanks if you have any questions about it let me know if I can answer I got you

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