Black Friday HGH promo

Black Friday HGH promo

Hey guys,

Some promo here. (EU domestic store as well)

Use code: UGM20 to get 20% off !!!
Availiable only util 5 December

Then use code : UGM10 to get 10% discount for the order
Or code: UGM30 to get 30$ discount for the order (for the first time customers who want to try it will be good)
For example, if you want to try for the first time 1 kit blue/white - you will get 30$ off with UGM30 discount
But if you want to order 3 kits blue / 6 kits white - better to use UGM10 discount because in that case you will get 36$ off (10%)
UGM and UGM30 valid till the end of the year !

Just choose what will be best for you

One very importatnt thing you should know before you buy our products. Our hgh (white and blue) is very complex HGH with protection matrix against: sunlight, high/low temperatures, shacking etc… some customers (~2-3%) faced with immune reaction or individual intolerance in injection place like: red welts, painful injection, painful bumps. It may caused by any addtional compound in the formulation. Here is:

Blue - water, phenol, rGH, polysorbat 80, citric acid, sodium chloride
White - rGH, tween 20, sodium chloride, glycine, phosphate buffer PH7

If you have a reaction to Blue - White may be good for you. Or if White feels bad - Blue might be OK.
So before you order a lot of product - please make a trail order with 1 kit of product you want and be safe !

Storage temperatures:
White - 2 years at 2-40°C (35-104°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~10-20 days. Better to store in the fridge
Blue - 2 years at 2-8°C (35-46°F) ~30 days with max temp 35°C (95°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~2-5 days


Sales everywhere im starting to like black Friday


So guys,

Here is HPLC from Jano for our white product. It was tested by customer from the other board

Concentration for some reason shows less than on our HPLC (if I remember well this white batch was like 9.3-9.5iu). Also 0 dimers here vs ~0,3-0,4% on our HPLC
We will discuss with Jano about test protocol they used and our

Purity is still 99%+ and quality has not become worse during 2 or 3 years we are on the market :slight_smile:


This is why I respect you guys so much. Not once in all the time that you have been around have you ever tried to hide anything or deny anything.
I have alot of respect for you for this reason.

Top notch sponsor
In my opinion the best hgh on the market especially for the price. This promo is a great opportunity to stock up and this is the time to order hgh because its cold out so no worries about it degrading.
Thanks for sharing

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I love their GH. The promo has this typo tho

Also please put your contact info in the promo.

Oh, sure

[email protected]

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Ok guys.
We discussed with the Jano and concentration is our fault.

Price decreased for Blue and White hgh kits. The decrease is nothing short of amazing for a kit of hgh. We would post prices but because of forum rules we cannot.
Please contact us at our email [email protected] or visit our website. Email us for pricing that can’t be beat. or our email [email protected]

For those who ordered this batch - you will get code with additional disount right after Ney Year

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I had to take down the prices but I will say that it was about 1/3 the price of other hgh kits for the white and the blue is still cheaper than other brands.

What does 1 kit consist of and what would the dosing be?..

The dosing for hgh should always start low and at night then raise it from 1iu per night to then 2iu if your looking for anti aging.

You can continue to raise your dose to 2iu split 2x a day and even higher for bodybuilding purposes. Alot of guys run 5iu to 10iu but for me that’s to much lol.

You can check out the unconstituted white kits which are on sale for a great price
Then also the blue kits which are already reconstituted and don’t need bac water you can pull straight from the vial.

There’s a big sale on both types of hgh and this as ive said before is the best hgh on the market.
The testing showed that this batch seems to be around 8iu a vial in white and then I believe around 80iu between the 2 vials of blue.

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How many vials are in the white kit?

5 vials
This batc 8iu each

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Black friday :slight_smile:

Last day :slight_smile:

Sending email…

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