Blood Work, High Cholesterol- LDL

I had a blood panel through my PCP yesterday. I still need to do a Test, Free Test and SBG panel, but I will take what I can get through Kaiser and do the rest on my own. Anyway- Looks like my HDL is low and my LDL is high. Posted below:

CHOLESTEROL 200 mg/dL <=199 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDE 93 mg/dL <=149 mg/dL
Note that if triglycerides (TG) are sufficiently high, then direct LDL (if
TG>1300 mg/dL) or HDL (if TG>2000 mg/dL) measurements may not be valid.
HDL 37 mg/dL >=40 mg/dL
LDL CALCULATED 144 mg/dL <=99 mg/dL
See LabNet for more information.
NonHDL targets are 30 mg/dL higher than LDL targets.

Anyone have any tricks on how to work on reversing these numbers? I was considering a var cycle soon, but now I am wondering if I should hold off?


Yeah its definitely not time for another oral yet and you can use different dietary supplements but the doctor can get you real UDCA which can help clear out the bile in your liver and stomach to help lower cholesterol


Ok. I have an appointment today, so I will ask. Kaiser kinda sucks for certain things, so he may want to put me on some other cholesterol pharma, but I will request this.

COQ10 and Flaxseed oil. Fish oil is mostly rancid and not with the time. Krill oil is over processed and equally as worthless. Oatmeal every day. My last blood work my HDL was at 65. So it does work. Be consistent with dosing and you’ll get that HDL pretty high.

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Go with what your doctor recommends if it doesn’t work then go at him with your perspective. Give him a chance because udca is a very old medication there might be meds that are much better now

Ok. I hate getting old and having to take prescribed meds. I already take gout and BP meds. I guess its better than the alternative though :slightly_smiling_face:


Im right there with you taking meds it does suck



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I had a similar problem with worse HDL and LDL this fall. Combo of cycle I was on and shitty food. Kirkland krill oil is good. Def CQ10 and garlic oil. Ate Cheerios and almond milk (vanilla) for breakfast Ed cut out most saturated fats and ate olives and avacado and lot oily fish like tuna(not canned) and trout. Used low saturated fat substitutes for butter and no egg yolks. Also greens and Metamucil for extra fiber. In month was golden. Also no compounds. Just TRT at 200 mg per week.

My new job is making all these so
Do you guys trust me

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Ok, so I asked the Dr. about my cholesterol and he looked at all the health markers and said that I am good. He was completely unconcerned. So, I am going to get some CQ10, I have Kirkland Krill which I really like and some biotest flameout. My diet is pretty good, but I do eat steak and burgers once in a while when I have the calories. I bought some Metamucil. I am going to crank that stuff for a while and see if I can straighten things out quickly so I can take my damn Var (I think its Var, I got it before I found this site, so could be Winstrol in a Var package lol, but the last cycle I was looking pretty good so its something). I will try and eat more fish (not a big fish eater), and possibly get some flaxseed oil. Thanks everyone.

If you trust them I am willing to give it a try.

I’ve been fighting this fight with my endo for 2 years. I’ll give you the TLDR version, October labs, HDL crushed at 15(masteron/tbol, I think), LDL 170, get shit from endo. Next lbs scheduled for 12/31, so, spent the interim taking niacin, citrus bergamot, fish oil, cardio 5x/week, get bodyfat under 12%. Results were HDL 40, LDL 250!!! Fuck this, I quit, rosuvastatin, it is. I’m not sure I could ever get my numbers right. So, hopefully the TRT and GH are enough to mitigate the muscle damage from the statin.

Well shit. I add Mast about 100mg weekly to my trt, maybe I should cut that for a bit. Good work on the bodyfat though. Under 12 would be fantastic for me.

Thanks, too bad it didn’t translate into an improvement in CHO results. I mean, you couldn’t raise your LDL 75 points in 2 months if you tried. Something is definitely wrong genetically.

Agreed. There is defiantly a genetic component to cholesterol and my dad had high as well. Fortunately my HDL is only 3mg/dl outside the low end of the range. My LDL is 45mg/dl to high but those are not crazy numbers, just make me a bit nervous to take something that might make them worse.

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