Blood work need advice

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Damn bro. That’s a lot of markers off dealing with your red blood cells and stuff. Are you anemic or anything like that? I’m. It exactly sure what they mean, but I’d probably checking into those with a dr.

What were you running?

Lets talk about the RBC and hemo numbers.

RBC is 6.26, a little high but not uncommon for on cycle

hemoglobin is low, 12.1 I’ve never seen anyone this low on steroid forums

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) low, this is the size of the red blood cells, yours are too small and pretty far below the normal range

MCHC The mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) is the average concentration of hemoglobin in your red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the protein molecule that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen to tissues within your body.

Your MCHC can fall into low, normal, and high ranges even if your red blood cell count is normal. This is often tied to Anemia. yours is really low

RDW means how much variance in size of RBC’s this is often high on cycle, or from anemia. It means your body has been cranking out the RBC’s

Back to the top of the report…

Polychromasia (also known as Polychromatophilia) is a disorder where there is an abnormally high number of immature red blood cells found in the bloodstream as a result of being prematurely released from the bone marrow during blood formation.(Poly- refers to many, and -chromasia means color.)

microcytes present
an unusually small red blood cell, associated with certain anemias.

Microcytic anemia is defined as the presence of small, often hypochromic, red blood cells in a peripheral blood smear and is usually characterized by a low MCV (less than 83 micron 3). Iron deficiency is the most common cause of microcytic anemia

I’m no DR, but I know how to google stuff and know when its time to go to the DR. Looks like you have some sort of anemia going on. It’s time to stop the cycle and go see your DR.

Not sure just what kind of relationship you have with your Dr, but you could be honest and tell him you did bloods or come up with some other reason to point him towards anemia.

You can tell him you went to give blood but were told your iron number was too low.
but seriously, stop the cycle and see the DR. This could be serious, or possibly just something for you to monitor as you get older. It’s not from steroids, its a genetic thing most of the time.

Google anemia and see if you share some other symptoms, I bet you do. The blood work sure says anemia, or

keep us posted, dont panic. Its gonna be OK


Also, blood sugar is very high… were you fasted for the test? Your Dr will probably check again when you see him.
If you are poor, or unisured ask your DR if you can order your own bloods from privatemd, just like before.
just dont get the hormone panel…

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Thank you dearly. I made an appointment for wed.

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