Blood Work Results and Estrogen Question

I recently had blood work done…My testosterone was above 1500…My Estro was 170 which is high. my question is ,I have no signs of gyno, no bloat but being that high in Estro, does it counter the test in my body? I am asking because this time around I felt the test was underdosed, according to blood work it wasn’t. I did not get my normal acne on my back and hard ons in the beginning. I didn’t put on size and yes my diet and training are in tact

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Well a proper intro would be nice.
Stats , goals. And how long you been training.

But on the other hand I’m not 100% on answering your question.
But I do know that with Estrogen that high I would have had sore joints and felt slow and bloated.
What kind of AI were you running, if any?
And what compounds were you running on this cycle ?

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Hi and welcome to you to


Test E 550 wk 1-12 , wk 6-12 anavar…no Ai being I never have had any gyno symtoms …

Is your cycle over? Are you in the middle of pct? You sound like this cycle has already been run. If that’s the case estro could be spiking during PCT.

8 wks into the cycle,no signs of gyno, no man tits,no bloat,no tiredness,but also no gains. That’s why I’m wondering is the high estro interfering with the testosterone? Blood work came back for test over 1500

I don’t think interfering is the correct term. Estrogen is actually anabolic.

Start an AI, get your estro down and see what improves. I’d also encourage you to get a roid test kit and test whatever products you’re using.


Intro @Heman713. Age weight experience goals etc!! Also welcome

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I thought estrogen only increases the anabolic response in the body, not actually is anabolic?

That sounds correct. I was more so saying if your test and estro are high he should have seen some gains. That was unclear wording on my part… I need to stop posting right when I wake up. Lol

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Ha ha yeah no morning knowledge buddy…But really depends on where you read, some make it sound like it is anabolic While one I just read doesn’t

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just like everything else in the hormone world, haha one day it’s one thing the next day it’s the opposite.

Try arimidex .5 Monday and .5 Thursday for 2 weeks and then do .5 of arimidex for the next 2 weeks. Get labs re done then


Welcome to ugmuscle brother you should post your blood work in that category

Estrogen is synergistic with testosterone for putting on muscle mass.

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