Bloodwork/Cholesterol Question

Any reason to stay away from AAS with these cholesterol numbers? My LDL and total cholesterol are quite low but my HDL is also low. I’m 25, very active and probably 12-14% bf if that matters.


Please post your topics in the correct category if you need any help just tag me in and im always willing to help brother.

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Have you taken orals yet or peptides possibly other compounds?

Sorry I didn’t see the bloodwork category. I’ve never used any orals or anything at all

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I know that certain compounds due run havoc on your hdl and ldl

My plan was to do 400 mg of test e or c possibly up to 500 mg depending on how I feel for 10 weeks then pct with bloods halfway through and after the cycle

@Optumpharma @Bigmurph Thoughts?

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@Ags43z unfortunately with anabolics cholesterol issues due happen with just about every user. But the best way is to regulate your diet heavily and use the proper supplements to offset the side effects you might gain from anabolics.

A few good ones to reserch and use while on cycle is the following below.

Fish oil-omega 3’s
Red yeast rice
**many pros you will see include 2 of the above through their cycles to offset issues.

Your cycle you listed also should be fine at the 500mg weekly. That is not aggressive at all.

Best of luck ags!


Thank you! I already take fish oil but will look into the others as well. Would you say my lipids are currently at healthy levels?

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@Ags43z yes sir. You are healthy, just keep being proactive about your health.

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You look good now, test alone may not affect that. I personally have normal overall cholesterol, but my ldl and hdl are out whack now, but I’ve ran several intermediate cycles

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@BrandonIron What cycles have you run?

Just about everything oil, never any oral AAS. I noticed the cholesterol numbers off after a few tren runs, and my first cycle with DBol oil

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You should get some injectables to protect your hdl and ldl while running your cycle to keep things in range.

The super MIC and the Glutathione are great products aminosunlimited is a good place to start tell them your from ugmuscle and we would like to have them advertise here ive been trying to get them to sponsor for awhile.

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What’s the advantage to these as apposed to over the counter stuff?

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Certain ingredients that over the counter might be very expensive or even fake.
Then there are others that are just fake they can claim anything and there product doesn’t even have to do anything because there protected due to there stance as a dietary supplement

I have the vita unlimited and it has a distinct sting immediately post injection. I was hoping you could tell me if the Super MIC also caused stinging sensation immediately post injection?

Yo Murph I’m running peps tb 500 and bpc 157 any negative reviews on those??

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