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Hello new to site let me say I like it.l want to run my first cycle and do it right . 43 6’ 170 . I know test only 500 a week 12_15 weeks , arimidex .25 if sides start but should I have anything else on hand just in case? My diet is right as is workout.from reading this site I know yous will help me and not stear me wrong waiting on blood work will share as soon as it gets here .oh yeh I’m pretty dumb about technology been away a little while .

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@Baxter1 thank you for putting your health first.

You are a great and healthy male. Please schedule a blood donation as soon as time permits. Please just do red blood cell whole blood nothing else as your RBC is high. Thank you and you will be cleared.

All the best.


Go for it man. And listen to Op. he knows his stuff and he will take good care of you. He has taken care of me for my whole life on gear.

Thanks for posting bro. I would highly recommend that you listen to Optum, take his advisement, and apply it. He has helped me and many, many others as well.

Looks healthy as hell. Donate some blood and get after it!!

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Live seeing healthy block work still don’t know how I pulled it off with all the shit I’ve thrown in my body.

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You’re body said IS THAT ALL YOU GOT

True hahha well it will heal and it will take more

Good stuff glad to see you doing things right

Just a blood donation at blood bank

Any mobile Big Red Bus or Blood Bank donation site will work.

Use blood connection here

Red cross app makes it easy to find donation sites and schedule them. They’ll also tell you if you have covid antibodies

I want make sure I’m right test c 500a wk pin 250 m&f arimidex .25 if sides every two days but I don’t know about the nolvadex will 6 week blood test tell if it’s needed and Isthis the only things I need for now ? You have been great with all the help I want to do things right

Monday and Thursday on pinning test

Got another question pretty sure I know the answer but want to be 100% while running my first test c ,arimidex if needed and then nolva when needed will any show up on a drug test the test is for parole so it’s really import thanks for all of your help

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No brother you are good. They are testing for dope.

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No brother not unless you tell them the don’t test specifically for that. The just do a 6 panel for narcotics.

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Have a ? About getting a sponsor can I ask on here ?

I thought so just covering my bases I just gotta give blood and get gear and I’m ready

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