Bloodwork / test levels

Always like to give credit to sponsors … had bloods pulled last week. From October 1–last week was running 150 compounded test cyp ( Hallandale Pharmacy) and 150 @GearChurch @Ldog test iso. 75/75 mgs each x 2 per week. Test levels over 3000 at just 300 mgs per week… not bad! Free test was at 657. Thanks GC! Buy far one of my favorite test esters. Back to 225 compounded test now only until February.



Really nice brother Thanks for posting blood work numbers look great


Yeah I got to say I was impressed with my test number running gear church I know i have been saying I’m putting in. And order soon for like 2 months well as soon as I can in hjanuray I’m going on some of that test blend abs double base

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