Body recomp update....quite the transformation


I wanted to give update on how things are going as I made some major changes almost exactly 6 months ago. Prior to this I was very untrained and was carrying a lot of unnecessary fat. I typically would never recommend running a cycle when body fat is above 15%, but the added motivation and muscle sparing effects were perfect for this process. Finally getting much more visible vascularity while at the same time increasing strength and size. I’m at the end so will be starting PCT soon, then very late fall I’m all set for a focus on more on increasing muscle where I won’t be in the constant moderate m calorie deficit. I do have a before pic, but it’s at a bad angle and am actually embarrassed I let myself lapse so much. Never again as I have so much more energy and well-being in addition to losing the classic dad bod. I’ll post a better pic without shirt to show the entire upper body and will also show the wheels in a few weeks, as my conditioning is still in progress.

500 mg Test Cyp weekly, 600-700 mg EQ Weekly. I ended up dropping the EQ 4 weeks ago mainly because my estrogen levels were quite low. AI was on hand but never needed it. Since dropping EQ, libido went through the roof and seemed to be getting better strength and size gains. Removing also will allow me to start PCT a bit earlier as my understanding is EQ remains active in your system for at least 3-4 weeks after last pin.

Sorry for the grainy pic…not very good at taking selfies haha. Overall I have dropped 30 lbs of deadweight.


Fuck yeah man


Great job brother.


Dropped 30lbs…wow!

You look great

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That’s awesome man! Looking good!


Where have you been?!


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Looking good!


Outfuckinstanding drop on the weight,I would have taken it from you if possible…


Look great!!


Man been working like crazy! Lol still been hitting the gym hard tho! I stopped cutting weight tho cause I got to 186 and I just looked really skinny and was feeling pretty drained so I’ve just been eating at a surplus to try and help out metabolism plus I need a break after cutting for the last 11 months. It was just wearing on me and feeling like I was starving to death was really effecting me

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I cut for like 12 out of 14 months now I started really fat. But when it came time to bulk I blew up. Now all good weight. But I’m 30 pounds above when was lowest in November. And maybe as lean or leaner so don’t be surprised to put in some decent mass


That’s damn good brother 30lbs is a good amount of weight

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