Boldenone Cyp vs EQ

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Has anyone used boldenone here?

Sadly, I’ve had to cut my primo blast short due to some issues with me moving back to the states and issues with customs.

I’ve been planning my next blast as i’m currently on a cruise dose of test.
I’m thinking of either blasting masteron or boldenone but most likely stick to boldenone.

I’d prefer to use the cypionate ester rather than the Undecylenate ester… but seems as though bold cyp availability is extremely low.

I’d love to hear your past experiences, side effects, cycle lengths, dosages with boldenone

If you are looking for a good dhb to run besides primo look into dhb or 1testcyp.
Its an amazing compound check it out

Agree with @Bigmurph. I did the 1 test from naps by accident, I thought is was a test. They tell you that when you order if my memory serves me. Really good. I love masteron, IPS had a real good one from UK. Don’t know now. EQ, imo was really good when the dosage was low. When it was 50mg and I’d do 6 to 10 a week, so around 400, when I did 600, 800, 1000 for extended periods, felt lethargic and less grainy. Then I followed a approach, I personally love. Short blasts or like 3 things at a liitlle higher and then off for like 3 weeks. So like EQ, test, winsrol v, and anadrol. Motor oil blood. But, 6 weeks on 3 off. In the 3 off the active gear that was floating around “comes out” and some of the best gains for me are in the “off time”. Maybe I’d throw 50 of pro viron in to help the free test. Worked well every time. You get a bit of a break and don’t feel it, then 6 of short acting, by then I could take a " real month break or so. Keep most gains, just get softer. By gains, I mean 3 lbs of muscle in right spots maybe. Do that for 5 years and alightheavy is a big heavyweight.

Thats because your blood was probably so thick at the time

I been on bold cyp at 600 a week for 11 weeks I’m coming off it. I’m so ducking lethargic all the time. All I do is eat eat eat and sleep. My last pin of bold cyp was Saturday. Ill be adding tren run for 10 weeks then cruise for a bit and cut for summer

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