Bolderone base any info on it

So I see an available product has eq base. What does eq in base form bring to the table my interest is peaked as I’m considering putting and order together soon

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Don’t the pip is the worst than anything that’s it no ace or no ester boldenone it will hurt to much you won’t be able to pin enough or move at all.
Bold cyp hurts but is tolerable
Eq works also


That’s whT I heard but what would the benefits be for use
As pwo haven’t seen much on but I’m guessing the horrible pip is the reason.

Yeah brother if it didn’t have the pip im sure that people would use it for endurance like EPO

Maybe why it’s mixed with tren base to counter act trens hit on cardio

Ouch that’s all I can say I hope they add lidocaine to the inj or something lol

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Hahaha @Ldog

This is a gc brew?

That’s a different story gc wouldn’t put out a product that you couldn’t inj so you have spiked my curiosity.

Why I used his category hahaha

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Yeah go for it brother im interested. There isn’t much research except for the fact you will have a non stop endurance while lifting and run forever lol

Take with cialis and fuck forever as well

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I didn’t think about that but that’s a definite use hit up the porn industry

The Tren/EQ base is freaking awesome…very little pip. Your workouts are outstanding…you can kill it forever in the gym.


That’s the endurance and the strength from the tren. Just walk around lifting everything lol

Well then I’m def intrigued


I second the motion Lets see if your ass can handle it literally your ass like the cheek

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I’m gonna have to try this next go around!

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Its actually the EQ that helps with the endurance…the combo was made for strength(Tren) and endurance(EQ-increased red cell activity). Its a solid blend.

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