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What would your stack be if you were competing in combat sports?

Here’s some fighters that were caught with specific compounds and many others caught but no specific compounds listed, just elevated levels of testosterone.

Roy Jones: Androstenedione
Anderson Silva: Methyltestosterone
Vitali Klitschko: Unknown
Frans Botha: Nandrolone
James Toney: Nandrolone/Boldenone/Stanazolol
Fernando Vargas: Stanazolol
Evander Holyfield: Test, HGH
Andre Berto: Nandrolone
Lamont Peterson: Testosterone
Antonio Tarver: Drostanalone
Erik Morales: Clenbuterol
Shane Mosley: HGH, EPO
Royce Gracie: Nandrolone
Tim Sylvia: Stanozolol
Cyborg Santos: Stanozolol
King Mo: Drostanalone
Rafael Cavalcante: Stanozolol
Josh Barnett: Boldenone, Nandrolone and Fluoxymesterone
Nate Marquardt: Test
Miro Cro cop: Hgh
Jon Jones: Turinabol
Brock Lesnar: Unknown
Alistair Overeem: Unknown


A pro MMA guy from my gym said he would take 1,000mg test prop and 4ius HGH until 1 month out from a fight. Then he switched to test suspension. He dropped everything I think 10 days out or so. He said test was best. Other AAS can get you popped more easily. His buddy got popped for equipoise which shows up very long term.


Interesting… It does seem Test, HGH, Stanozolol and Nandrolone are quite popular.

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Nandrolone will show up on drug tests way too long to use.

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Wow and here i thought they were clean wtf

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Avoid nandrolone and equipoise. Avoid turinabol. I’d stick to fast acting testosterone. You can google detection times on all AAS to be safe.


I would say 95% of all Professional Boxers and MMA fighters are on PED’s, besides fighters like Butterbean or Andy Ruiz, lol but I would honestly bet that they use something.

Jon Jones also tested positive for Cheque Drops, supposedly they’re fast acting as well.

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I would definitely agree my coach use to say its not cheating unless you get caught lol

Everyone is using something that will give them an edge it could be aas or even just other things like blood doping and so many other ways to cheat

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Anthony Josua must have the secret…

I wonder what Mike Tyson was on back in his prime?

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