BPC-157 log for Shoulder Pain

BPC-157 log for Shoulder Pain

About 3-4 years ago my left shoulder was killing me. Couldn’t take my tshirt off without pain. Saw the doc and, after testing, he said it was tendinitis. Gave me a cortisone shot and sent me on my way. I stopped lifting and started running. Fast forward to late 2017, started weight training again. By early 2019 the shoulder pain was slowly making its way back. I ignored it like the dumbass I am until it was so painful I couldn’t sleep at night.

I’ve been away from gym since March 2019, resting my shoulder, and it’s starting to feel better. A buddy of mine mentioned BPC-157 and after a little reading, I ordered two 5mg vials. Here’s my course of action and logs.

250mcg BPC-157 2x/day, 2 weeks.

Here’s the math I used to come up with 250mcg dosage: I have .5mL slim pins, put in 2.5mL BAC into the vial: (5000/2.5=2000mcg/mL). My pin is marked in ticks of 5’s (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc to 50) so a full pin = 1000mcg. Every tick is 100mcg, filling to “12.5” mark is 250mcg’s.

Day 1: Yesterday (Thurs) I did my morning and evening pin straight into the left shoulder. Since it’s a 1/2 inch slim pin, it may be going IM but more than likely sub-q. Either way, it’s painless, quick and easy.

Day 2: Today (Friday) I did my morning shot, 250mcg into left shoulder. Pinning later tonight to complete day 2.


Day 2 done, 250mcg into left shoulder.


Bpc157 really worked for my tendonitis, when you decide to go back to lifting , stay away from going heavy and adopt high volume low wieght . Stay away from dumb bell and bar bell presses and use machines and cables . I only throw in 1 heavy bench a month . Hope all is well brother , good luck

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Thank you @Jstan ! You’re the 2nd person that told me that! I was also recommended to use time under tension. Mind me asking what your BPC157 schedule was? Glad you’re better!

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Day 3 done! 250mcg 2x into left shoulder. Can’t say it’s the BPC-157 or not but after day 2, sleeping on my left side didn’t cause usual pain. Could just be the way I slept. We’ll see…

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Waking up on Day 4, purposely slept on left side a little more. Sure enough, same pain inside shoulder joint area throughout the night.

Day 4 (Sunday) AM/PM 250mcg pins complete, nothing to report

Day 5 wake up: slept on left shoulder again to aggravate the area. I did wake up with some pain, not as much as usual, and rolled onto right side. One thing I noticed was the pain didn’t linger very long. I was able to fall asleep pretty quick.

Quick question: I’m currently pinning with 1/2” 30 gauge slim spins. I was able to get 6mm 31 gauge slim pins for a little better deal. Needle too short? My guess is it’ll only go subq, and many say that’s all we need.

Sub q for peptides should be just fine.

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Day 5 done. 250mcg 2x into left shoulder AM / PM.

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Day 6 done. 250mcg 2x into left shoulder sub-q

Woke up today, day 6, with the same pain I’ve been having.

This has me thinking:

  1. It’s still too early to tell

  2. When I reconstituted the powder, I wasn’t careful enough and damaged the compound. I keep reading how delicate the compound is and to be very gentle with the vial. I don’t know how much more gentle I could have been though. I injected the BAC water into the sides of the vial, very slowly. Every action with the vial has been slow and methodical; no shaking and definitely no dropping it.

  3. My shoulder injury is beyond the healing properties of the peptide. Although I keep reading how BPC-157 has helped with muscle sprains/strains, ligament issues, etc.

  4. The compound is fake. Really, there’s no way to verify it is what it’s supposed to be.

I don’t know much about peptides other than what I read and watch on YouTube. That being said, I’m always open to others opinions.

One of the guys I respect mentioned doing an NPP/Deca blend. Anyone heard of that for tendinitis?

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For me, the risk seems high for prolactin related issues running 2 19nors together. I would low dose 1 or the other. Maybe 100mg a week NPP or 200mg a week Deca.

I couldn’t imagine deca being better then the BPC

Ita not going to heal shit but it will make it feel better so theres that lol

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Your right,about that… I haven’t needed to say that cause you do now

Also @Lawnsvcguy your pecker might not be able to stay in the fight with that combo,just ask my woman.

@John yeah deca dick? Dam…

This BPC isn’t doing anything. I can move my arm in any direction but there’s always a slight pain in the left joint. It was a lot worse but time away from weights seems to be helping.

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It’s a crap shoot for Deca or Tren if your dick will stop working or not. I’ve used Deca upward of 600mg and Tren I ran around 300 and neither one ever gave me dick issues. If you keep your estrogen in check and your progesterone in check, you shouldn’t have any issues. Especially at the doses I recommended. Come to think of it, I’ve mixed all kinds of compounds so far and never once did I experience any erectile dysfunction

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